11/11 DC: Tulsi Gabbard, Rennie Davis, Standing Rock & more Join Earth Walk to say "United We Stand"

Leaders like Rennie Davis, Tulsi Gabbard, Standing Rock and more gather on 11/11 in DC to launch United We Stand's 7-Step Global Peace Campaign. All are welcome

Online PR News – 10-November-2019 – Washington D.C. – WHAT:
Leading global change organizers and activists are inviting the District of Columbia to the Lincoln Memorial on Veterans Day for the launch of a global movement that will change the world—a change that will be sweeping and not modest.
On November 11th, 2019 — Armistice Day (U.S. Veteran's Day) — United We Stand will invite a vast global community that yearns to change the outcome of an age of extinction, separation and division, to join a peace convergence and inaugural signing ceremony for a world that works for all people. Forging a broad coalition representing change organizations and diverse movement leaders, the November 11 event at the Lincoln Memorial will establish a new global holiday for interdependence. It will also launch a seven-step campaign for a movement to change the world.

Sponsored by Earth Walk and coordinated by Tzadik HaNachnash, the Lincoln Memorial event initiates a coordinated global undertaking called United We Stand which is creating a sustainable coalition to change the world.
On November 12, 2019, United We Stand will deliver a signed petition setting forth its global mission to members of the U.S. Congress, the President of the United States and members of the Supreme Court Justice—to join this mission to end the fear and divide and unite the global human family.
The National Park Service has issued a permit for use of the Lincoln Memorial event that will initiate a movement that has no comparable.


Rennie Davis, Chicago 7
Tulsi Gabbard, House of Representatives and 2020 Presidential candidate (Exclusive Interview with our Founder)
Mekasi Camp-Horinek, Standing Rock Water Protector leader
Casey Camp-Horinek, world renowned environmentalist and Ponca Tribal Councilwoman
Christopher Life, Founder of One Nation Party
Rabbi Ilan Glazer,
Tzadik HaNachash, founder of Earth Walk and United We Stand

United We Stand Campaign DC Events:
US Capitol Resistance with join Jane Fonda: Friday, November 8, 2019, 11 am, US Capitol

Founders' Peace Convergence Public Event: Monday, November 11, 2019, Lincoln Memorial (FB Event Page Link)
Doors Open: 9:09 am
Opening Ceremony 11:11 am
Signing Ceremony 1:11 pm
Closing Ceremony 3:33 pm

Delivering the Message: Tuesday, November 12th, 2019, 10:10 am, United States Capital (FB Event Page Link)



"I equate this movement with the Renaissance, the American revolution, the 1960s. That's what this is, but this one is larger than any of those," says Rennie Davis, the coordinator of the largest anti-war and civil rights coalition in the 1960s. "I'm coming back to D.C. to support this movement because this is where humanity is going to stand up, rise to the occasion, and change the outcome to insure the future survival of our species. No one can name a single government that can demonstrate what needs to be done for humanity to have a future. With our oceans dying and the largest extinction of species in the past 65 million years occurring in the present time, It is time to mobilize a new generation to end the paralysis of a U.S. Senate that has just recorded the fewest legislative debates and most blocked floor votes in its entire history."

Rennie, Tzadik and others will join the US Capitol civil disobedience with Jane Fonda on Friday, November 8, and the inspiring roster of national and international speakers at the Lincoln Memorial on Monday, November 11, because "it is our time to capture the imagination of the human race and launch the largest global movement in history," says Davis.

After the D.C. events, the campaign's next step will occur on World Migrants Day, December 18, 2019, with a World-Wide Walkout of schools and businesses to join "Million Migrant Marches" in solidarity with all migrants who are forced to leave their homes and travel to safer areas. We will honor them and draw global attention to their humanitarian plight. We will walk for the stranger with a respect they deserve. We will embrace the message on the Statue of Liberty and ignite a new generation to reject the fear and divide over migrants, and strangers, that threaten the entire human condition.

Tzadik HaNachash is the founder and Global Council Chair of Earth Walk, an organization dedicated to uniting humanity within a diverse global culture of peace, while highlighting the potent and powerful process of igniting people's passions as the cornerstone to a pathway of peace. He has served as the lead organizer and producer for many large-scale events. His most notable is Earth Walk, which has received international recognition for its scope, scale and creativity. He is also founder to two global movements, the United We Stand campaign and the #Me3 Movement. In addition, he is known for his personal transformation work, founding the Conscious Relationship Fellowships, focused on creating safe spaces for people to discuss and explore arenas of their life for personal growth and transformation, and launching Tribe 333, a global tribe of peace agents, dedicated to tending to peace in their lives and in the world around them. He has been a leader in the peace movement for over 20 years, and was profiled in UTNE Magazine, The New York Times, and other many other national,regional, and local publications. His vision for Earth Walk is to assist people and the systems we create to walk the Earth with care, while integrating personal, social and environmental issues, as we walk the planet, for peace.
He says, "I am walking for that cause - that more and more of us realize the interconnectivity of this planet and all the lives that live upon it, and start letting that permeate into the way we live our lives. I am walking for for what we at Earth Walk call 'Integrative Planetary Wellness' - a world not only of deep peace, but vibrant wellness, and love, as a whole."

Rennie Davis was the coordinator of the largest anti-war and civil rights coalition in the 1960s. He organized demonstrations at the Chicago Democratic Convention against the Vietnam war that were watched on television by more people than watched the first man landing on the moon. He also organized the largest non-violent civil disobedience arrest in American history, in Washington DC. He was one of the Chicago 7, a political trial the NY Times called "the most significant in American history." He successfully negotiated with Hanoi to bring American POWs back to their families. He partnered with John Lennon to end the Vietnam war. Lennon described Davis as the single most effective organizer and leader of the Sixties anti-war movement.
He says, "A movement to change the world is a rare social event. When it happens, civilizations change. The Renaissance changed a feudal order. The American revolution changed a colonial empire. The Sixties movement stood up to entrenched legal lynching's and stood down a brutal war in Vietnam. That's what this is, but larger than any of those."

Tzadik HaNachash, Rennie Davis & Friends
DC Events
US Capitol with Jane Fonda: 11:00 am, November 8, 2019
United We Stand Press Conference: On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial: 3:33 pm, November 9, 2019
United We Stand: Lincoln Memorial Mobilization: 9:09 am, November 11, 2019