New Dating App Helps Office Employees to Find Love

Find Love Among Your Friends! Eureka is a unique platform that enables users to express love in a completely new and easy way!

Online PR News – 06-November-2019 – 11/5/2019 Palo Alto – LLC has launched a new dating app in August 2019 with a new dating concept, which states "Find Love Among Your Friends". Eureka App is a unique platform that enables users to express love to people from the user's phone address book, for example, to colleagues! If the user has feelings towards his or her colleague mate, Eureka makes it easier to start a meaningful relationship in just clicking one button!

It probably comes as no surprise that of all the people who are dating, a considerable portion of them started the relationship at work. It makes a lot of sense though. Workplace is the space where people spend most of the time together and converse quite frequently. That sets a perfect ground for feelings to start budding up. Accordingly to Vault, 58% of the employees have been into workplace romance.

The reasons are obvious. Social psychologists say that frequent exposure to someone can multiply the chances of getting attracted. Besides, other factors that play a vital role are:

● Having something in common (that is, work)
● Having additional information about the coworkers that lacks in the online dating platforms or when meeting a stranger during a night out.

However, some companies have policies regarding office romance. While 59% percent of the employees were well-aware of their organization's policies on office romances, a whopping number of 41% wasn't. Clearly, either corporate is dropping the ball when it comes to workplace romance, or most likely, there is no policy for the same at all. With more than half of the employee strength giving a green signal to workplace romance, organizations can lay out some rules and regulations to guide them about how to pursue romance while being professional.
Arguably, spending around 8 hours together in one room, falling for one of the colleagues, is inevitable. But how to open up?

Eureka Love App makes this easier than ever. The user can download the app for iOS or Android smartphone and invite their colleague to join the platform. The app allows to send a secret invitation (the user needs to know only the email of the person he/she wants to invite). Once successful, the app will show his/ her name among Eureka friend list. Now, the user can Tap the Heart Icon present along with his/ her name and let them know what he/she feels. The best part is, user's feelings will be secret unless feelings are mutual. Get started today and transform your workplace crush into your soulmate.