Whym Launches First-of-its-Kind Text Boutique That Redefines the Online Shopping Experience

The female-founded, female-focused company simplifies and customizes the shopping experience through innovative SMS messaging to elevate the commerce landscape.

Online PR News – 04-November-2019 – Los Angeles, CA – Whym announces the launch of first-of-its-kind text boutique that is changing the way people shop through an innovative text commerce platform. Created to bring convenience, simplicity and customization to shoppers, Whym takes what consumers enjoy most about online and offline shopping and combines them.

Through this new technology, customers engage in a text conversation with a Whym team member in real-time to ask questions about products, get suggestions, and add products from the boutique's lookbook to their cart with a hashtag.

"Many companies are starting to explore text-message as a means of marketing, but we've built a fully-functional text boutique complete with frictionless payments, a full product offering and a one-on-one customer concierge," said Whym CEO Kelly Nyland. "Whym is the retail experience of the future. We are a female-founded company focused on creating a more personal way to shop. We believe that getting the things you love and buy regularly should be simple and convenient - as easy as sending an emoji to a friend. Our customers love that they can chat with a human team member, not a bot, to ask questions and get personal responses in real-time."

The process of shopping using Whym is simple. First, a consumer signs up by texting 95479. Next, a Whym employee will text the consumer in real-time an easy-to-understand list of shopping options that the consumer will respond to using emojis. Pictures and links within the text conversation allow the customer to see exactly what is available in the lookbook.

A customer selects the desired product by texting a predetermined hashtag and checks out using their secure Whym Wallet. Shipping and payment information is collected during the first purchase only and products are delivered within two to five days. All future purchases happen entirely over text message - eliminating the need to remember a password or credit card PIN.

Whym has curated its list of unique products by sorting through hundreds of "instabrands". The instabrands chosen are niche companies that have less than 30,000 social media followers and offer products that are high quality and easily replenishable. Each brand offers customers a unique value proposition by focusing on things that matter most to the modern woman, such as ethics, wellness and taking women's bodies into consideration. Through these collaborations, Whym hopes to not only offer unique products to customers but simultaneously aid in the success of small online brands.

Products available to consumers include desk accessories, office supplies, flowers, coffee, tea, sweets, natural care, sexual wellness and room fragrances that embrace femininity. Prices vary between products and shipping is free if a customer spends at least $40 USD.

To learn more about Whym, please visit http://www.mywhym.co or follow Whym on Instagram. To sign up for Whym, please text 95479.

Founded by the dynamic female duo behind the launch of Snapchat Spectacles, Whym makes getting the things consumers love, easy. Whym is a first-of-its-kind, female-centered text boutique that offers customers a more personable way to browse and buy. Whym was created for convenience with career-focused women in mind. Through Whym, customers speak with real people, not bots, to easily ask questions, edit orders and provide feedback, in real-time. All purchases can be made with the Whym Wallet, which eliminates the need for a password, purse and PIN from transactions. Learn more about Whym at http://www.mywhym.co/.