Colder temperatures drive rodents toward the warmth of our homes. It is critical that homeowners take steps in the fall to prevent this from happening

Online PR News – 04-November-2019 – High Point, NC – During the winter, we may see less visible activity of some pests like ants, mosquitoes and wasps, but we are actually at a greater threat of infestation from other pests like rodents, beetles and spiders.

Colder temperatures drive mice, rats, squirrels and other rodents toward the warmth of our homes. It is critical that homeowners take steps in the fall to prevent this from happening when Old Man Winter comes to visit. Below is a checklist of tips for homeowners for winter pest prevention:

Inspect your home's foundation for holes and repair and/or patch them. Mice can fit through an opening as small as a dime! And where one mice can go, so will many more! And a mice problem can often lead to a snake problem as well.
Be sure that all crawlspace vents and doors are properly fitting and functioning. Rodents will invade your crawlspace if it isn't properly sealed off.
Store firewood outdoors and away from the home. Firewood can be infested with beetles and termites. Also, never burn treated firewood as the fumes can be dangerous.
Do not allow leaves to pile up near the home. This can become a nesting ground for spiders, ants and other pests.
Also, keep in mind that the aforementioned insects like ants and termites who may seem less visibly active during the winter, haven't migrated away. Termites are busy at work underground all winter. If you do not maintain a steady preventative pest control barrier year-round, you risk waking up one warm spring morning to a bad pest infestation that you allowed to thrive during the winter, and then invade as soon it is warm enough to emerge.

Chase Hazelwood, third generation owner of Go-Forth Pest Control explains, "Our phones don't stop ringing in the winter! Our focus changes to a lot of rodent control, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Also, many of the calls we get in the early spring are from folks who did not continue any pest prevention during the winter. Pest control is all about prevention and caring for your home year round, not just when you see bugs! Usually by the time you see them, it means the problem is now huge!"


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