Mr. Mihir Shah became Mumbai's Top Sales Consultant

YMS is a leading online sales training company for corporate organizations and individuals to increase revenue and returns.

Online PR News – 05-November-2019 – Ahmedabad, Gujarat – Mumbai is a huge and interesting market that is called the commercial capital of India. Lakhs of businesses flourish here, and obviously, the competition is very intense. But the opportunities are very big in Mumbai which is why so many people prefer to do business here rather than any other city. Due to the competition, brands and companies have to struggle against similar products and services. So the question was how can companies build their own brands, grow a strong sales team that achieves their targets, and plan for the future?

This is the question being answered by Mr. Mihir Shah, CEO at Yatharth Marketing Solutions. He has been in the industry for several years and has a wide experience across various sectors and for diverse requirements. After establishing YMS as the best sales training company in India, he is currently providing sales consulting services to some of the biggest corporate names in the city. His well-researched courses, easy to follow instructional methods, and comprehensive planning for the future are all some of the reasons his sales training sessions are so well-received.

Mihir excels at building inter-organizational and intra-organisational business communication training, team building and development, conflict resolution and management, linking employee goals to organizational goals, employee personality development, sales training, management programs, and also training employees to thrive in meeting and overcoming day-to-day challenges in the work-life.

From the beginning, Mihir Shah has built a reputation for understanding each companies' unique requirements and then fulfilling it positively. His comprehensive experience in developing a wide range of sales training strategies with national and global teams has given him the expertise to adopt any of the wide range of solutions that may be needed for your company's development and that of your sales teams. So whether you need a basic updating of employee skills or train each team specifically, Mihir will ensure that you receive the optimum solution. This is the best method also as it improves performance at the organizational level, and at the employee level.

We know that sales performance is one of the crucial aspects of how well a company is doing. But there is no one set path to achieve this. Of course, there are the fundamentals of sales, how to establish trust among customers, best practices that can improve anybody's sales game, but salespeople will also require specialized training for the sector they are in, their markets, understanding their customers' local customs and behavior to help in building a relationship, etc. Especially for a market like Mumbai, Mihir Shah's sales consulting excellence can improve your sales teams' performance. With Mihir, you can be guaranteed that they will learn the fundamentals of sales consulting such as cold calling, warm calling, soft skills, stronger communication, email and phone conversation skills, door-to-door sales, team management, leadership, and others.

Becoming a great salesman is not an overnight job. It requires constant effort and practice. So you have to plan for success. And this might be the reason for Mihir Shah's popularity with his participants. He brings old-world salesmanship qualities to leverage the immense opportunities in the digital age for his clients.

If you are looking for sales training and sales consulting opportunities in Mumbai, you have found your answer. Mr. Mihir Shah and his team at Yatharth Marketing Solutions are geared to offer comprehensive and customized sales consultancy to make sure that the goals you have for your company are achieved.

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Yatharth Marketing Solutions is a leading online sales training company for corporate organizations and individuals to increase revenue and returns. With carefully designed sales training modules and customized programs, YMS has quickly become one of the best sales training firms. For more information about the company and services, visit:


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