PiLog Offers Industry Proven Master Data Governance Solutions

PiLog's solution delivers the industry-proven best practices to improve supply-chain, maintenance & procurement processes.

Online PR News – 31-October-2019 – Hyderabad, Telangana. – PiLog, as a renowned partner of choice, enables customers to make their entire Supply Chain Optimized; the systematic process is driven value model to drive organizational effectiveness & efficiencies across processes with tighter integration.

The PiLog MDRM system is a multi-domain, multi-lingual solution to create and maintain all the master data records of an organization in a single installation

One of the primary functions is that of Item Entry Control for Master Data elements such as Item or Material Master Data Management, Service Master Data Management, Customer Master Data Management, Product Master Data Management and Vendor Master Data Management Services.

Standard governance processes specific to master data creations, changes , extensions (business extension from the corporate master or golden record) , blocking/restrictions (ie block on an ERP transaction such as a payment) , deletion and archiving are available to manage the complete life cycle of the master data record.

MDRM also contains a powerful search engine that utilizes algorithms, such as fuzzy logic, stemming, synonyms and searches on nested / associated data elements to find master data items

Solution Features:-

PiLog's solution aims at delivering industry-proven best practices to improve supply-chain, maintenance & procurement processes

Enhanced search facilities based on classification, descriptions & taxonomy

Auto mapping of material master record with UNSPSC

Capturing multiple reference data (linking more than one Part/Model# & Manufacturers with the material).

Free Form Text (FFT)

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On-demand content as & when required via PiLog Data cloud micro-services.

Duplicate Check performed during creating, change of the material master record.

Industry proven ISO compliant abbreviations (Class, Characteristic, Characteristic Values & UOMs).

Pre-configured Industry proven de-duplication algorithms.

Harvest from millions of pre-cataloged material master records from PiLog Data cloud.

User is guided to an accurate selection of UoM, material group & key data structure.

Enforced governance rules to improve consistency & data quality using approved characteristic values.

Replication/Distribution of Key fields to SAP or Non-SAP instances (including classification).

Solution Benefits:-

Improved & Accurate Search-ability using Classification reduces the time taken for material identification.

Ready to use Industry proven taxonomy & ISO compliant content (Class, Characteristics, Values & UOMs).

100% improved duplicate detection algorithms based on proven best practices, 10% savings on Inventory cost by identifying & eliminating duplication.

PiLog Solution is certified by SAP Labs, which gives assurance & confidence to the customers, partners that the solution is well tested as per the SAP standards and can be rolled out smoothly to the production environments.