Little Doors connects toddlers with family through mobile app

Family, friends, and fun for your little one behind every little door.

Online PR News – 30-October-2019 – Nashville, TN – Little Doors, a platform for connecting families and toddlers, today announced the launch of their first mobile app, available for iOS. Hailed as an "Instagram Stories alternative for young children", Little Doors turns screen time into family time through a free iOS app that safely connects your favorite toddler to family, friends, and educational fun through personal video messages.

Created by the team at LunarLincoln, Little Doors was conceived after they noticed that when they saw their young cousins during the holidays it took several hours for them to "warm up" to them. The concept of Little Doors was discussed as a solution to shorten this "friend not stranger" time each year. LunarLincoln gathered feedback from dozens of parents about the challenges of maintaining relationships with family and friends located far away. Created especially for young children, this app allows toddlers to view and engage with family at their own pace with a kid-friendly design.

Popular chat apps like FaceTime can be a challenge with busy schedules, timezones, and a toddler's temper. How can we remain connected with those we love who are a bit too young for more traditional means of communication? Little Doors ensures an experience suited for your child's schedule, attention span, and hands. Your child can tap a bright, colorful door to hear Abuela say, "Buenas tardes!". They can listen to Aunt Laura sing the ABC's. They can watch Uncle David make a funny face anytime with Little Doors, even if he is away on business in Tokyo.These experiences make screen time, quality family time for young children.

"We often discuss how to navigate the digital age with young children and recognize the challenge that parents must address with device time. We are looking to bring a positive, safe experience to young children that not only entertains but builds and extends family relationships beyond the screen." says Jonathan Wiley, Lead Developer of Little Doors."Playtime with a parent or adult family member can be one of the most powerful ways that apps can be educational."

The Little Doors app has the following features:
• Stay in Touch: Allow your toddler to stay in touch with friends and family living far away.
• Educational Doors: Download a door pack of common things like vehicles, actions or animals to build interest and discussion points.
• Make Learning Fun: Record educational videos around the house to personalize your toddler's learning experience.
• New Surprises: Check back often for new messages from Grandma or Aunt Laura. Ask friends to build new doors for you to enjoy. Grow your collection!
• Parental Controls: Easily switch in and out of "kid mode." Review and record doors in a password protected area.
• No Advertisements: Don't worry about your child being presented with inappropriate content or being taken out of the app.

Little Doors has no third-party advertising and is free to download. A monthly subscription of $2.99 is available for families that want unlimited video storage.  Little Doors is available at this time on the Apple App Store, and will be coming to the Google Play Store in the coming months. We've worked extensively with parents and families to shape Little Doors and we're looking forward to learning and listening as more children and families start to use this first version.

About LunarLincoln:
Little Doors is built by LunarLincoln, a small mobile app development shop located in Nashville, TN, that was founded in 2013 by Jennifer Bennett and Jonathan Wiley.  After years of building other people's visions, LunarLincoln has ventured into building their own. LunarLincoln's team has shipped hundreds of iOS and Android apps and has over 25 years of combined software development experience. To learn more about their work visit

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