AutoVRse and IFB together launch Virtual Reality based experiential marketing across 5 Indian cities

Fastest growing VR/AR startup in India, recently launched in IFB. All of IFB's home appliances can be virtually explored on Quest without any physical models.

Online PR News – 26-October-2019 – Bangalore, India – AutoVRse, a VR/AR company in India, partnered with IFB home appliances to offer immersive VR product explainers for IFB's entire range of home appliances as part of experiential marketing.
With the digital world expanding and consumers attention span plummeting, brands and businesses need to cut through the digital clutter to make a lingering impact on its target market.
IFB's entire range of home appliances can now be experienced in Virtual Reality on the most trending headset in the land, Quest, across five major cities in India.
Experiential marketing with VR, offers colossal advantages to both users and the brands. Brands are consistently in pursuit of drawing in, exciting and impacting its target audience, and with VR all the three boxes can be unquestionably ticked off easily.
Product explainers with VR excite users and transports to them to another place and time empowering users to be there at the moment and explore products like never before.
Additionally, with Virtual reality-based product explainers, the cost of logistics and real estate can be drastically reduced, leading the route towards judicious use of resources.
Virtual reality, the wonderous technology it is, envelopes the key facets of marketing and cements a long-lasting impact of the brand on the user.

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