Edtech platform Polygled proves to be that vital gateway to foreign language education

The online education platform Polygled joins forces with international educational associations to fulfill the growing demand for learning foreign languages

Online PR News – 24-October-2019 – Moscow, Russia – Cyprus, October 24. The online education platform Polygled joins forces with international educational associations to fulfill the growing demand for learning foreign languages in emerging markets. Polygled has announced strategic partnerships with the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) and Latin-American Russian Association (ALAR).

Educational platform Polygled has announced a partnership with the Indonesian Teachers Association, consisting of 3 million professional teachers. Another strategic partnership was established with the Latin-American Russian Association which unites Hispanic alumni of Russians universities. ALAR promotes learning the Russian language on the American continent to support students in receiving proper education, enhancing career opportunities and improving their living conditions in the future. These сollaborations aim to fulfill the increasing demand for learning foreign languages and provide affordable educational opportunities for the region residents.

Polygled ​​has already signed agreements with three schools in Indonesia and partnered with the expert of the Ministry of Communication Richardus Echo Indrajit to better understand educational specifics in Indonesia and to provide children with free access to native speakers and online language lessons in their schools.

Polygled, platform specializing in the learning of foreign languages, offers free language practice with native speakers. The platform offers plenty of possibilities - free conversation practice with natives and tutors. Polygled provides access to a unique learning environment where users can overcome language barriers, get online assistance in preparation for exams or interviews and discuss both leisure and professional topics with other language learners. Today more than 70 000 platform users in 45 countries exchange knowledge and form language communities.

"To enhance young generation position and career opportunities it is vital to acquire foreign language skills. Learning a foreign language is the bridge to taking advantage of worldwide employment opportunities, reach higher salaries and demand for better working conditions, especially following the fact that according to IALC in Asian region demand for learning English is at 87% and Latin America is the region where the demand for non-English languages is the strongest. The English language is spoken by just 33,76% millennial Latinos but the price is extremely high" - states Tatyana Chebenyaeva, Founder and CEO at Polygled.

"The collaboration with Educational and Government organizations in these countries will give opportunities for the younger generation to learn languages, find well-paid jobs and excel in self- as well as mutual education" - added Tatyana Chebenyaeva, Founder and CEO at Polygled.

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About Polygled:

Polygled is a hybrid educational platform for learning and practicing foreign languages. It helps users improve conversational skills for free while communicating with natives. Chat partners, online classes and lessons with tutors provide students with teacher and peer support that guides the language learning process.

About Indonesian Teachers Association:

Indonesian Teacher Association (PGRI) concentrates on improving teacher competencies. It brings together more than 3 million teachers of Indonesia who work together at improving the quality of education in the region and initiate unique study programs.

About ALAR:

Latin-American Russian Association (ALAR) presents Hispanic alumni of Russian universities and Russian citizens living in Latin America. The main goal of ALAR is to promote learning the Russian language at the American continent and discover new means of studying Russian for its members.