US Immigration - Learn How to Renew Your Green Card from Outside USA

Renewal of green card outside USA is very important if plans to take up US citizenship permanently. We look at the important points to keep in mind.

Online PR News – 24-October-2019 – Hyderabad and Telangana – If any person who is living outside the United States and is a Green Card holder, which is due to expire within the next 6 months should apply for renewal of the card after entering the USA if he intends to return within one year from departure from the country. However if the person is outside the United States at the time that the green card expires, then he should contact the US consulate that is nearest to him or the USCIS office. The person can also contact the US port of entry before he can file a I-90 form for entry to USA. Any person who is a permanent resident of USA will need to file a Form I-551 which is valid for 10 years to renew their green card.

What to Do If Your US Immigration Green Card Application Is Denied

In case the application for renewal of Green Card is denied, then the applicant will be sent a letter that will provide the reason for denial. There is no option to appeal against any decision that is negative. However, the applicant can submit a motion that will reopen the application or a motion to request the office to reconsider the unfavorable decision.

A motion for reopening the application must necessarily state the new facts and evidence that need to be provided and must also include the related documentary evidence. A reconsider motion needs to establish that the decision of denial was not based on correct laws or facts and should be able to prove that the decision was not correct based on the evidence in the file. A motion essentially is a request to review the decision to deny the green card. A person is eligible to file a motion even when he is not eligible to appeal

You can appeal to the USCIS the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), or the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO), both of which are appellate entities belonging to the administration that have jurisdiction over many different types of immigration cases.