New Release 22.2 of iSmartRecruit with more advanced features

In this release, we have improved our automation tool to match your entire recruitment needs and also implemented various advanced features to help you.

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In this release, we launched some new features and also improved the existing functionalities of the system. Here are the points showing the enhancements and new features in this release.

Electronic Signature
In the recruitment process, the electronic signature is a great way to save the cost and time of recruiters and HRs. We have done the integration with the eversign to facilitate the electronic signature part from the system.

You can create your Eversign account using the following link.

Alternatively, the system is going to show you connect option when you try to generate offer letter or create documents.
You can use the electronic signature in the following scenarios.

Candidate onboarding
When you onboard any candidate, all the onboarding documents can be managed through the electronic signature.

Offer letter
You can generate offer letter and get it signed by the candidate with the electronic signature.
You can contact support in case you need any assistance to set up eversign integration.

Contact show Active/All
Now it is possible to see active and inactive contacts together. If you select All options both active and inactive will get displayed. If you wish to see just active.

Referral management - Invite Candidates
Now it is possible to include candidates also to take part in the referral campaign. When you click on the Run Referral, the system is going to show you the following dialog where you can select the option whether you want to consider employee or candidate.

By default, all candidates will not take part in the referral campaign. If you wish to enable the candidate to take part in the referral campaign, just update the setting in the candidate information.

Auto-update Age of Candidate
Many upon a time the age is one of the important aspects when you recruit the people and it's a very tedious job for the recruiter to update it every year.
To overcome this situation, the system is going to update the information of candidate age all the time so you will always get an accurate search result.

You can contact support in case you want to enable this option.

Referral Report - Analytics part
We have enhanced the referral report and start showing some key.
Also, we try to show some analytics considering Candidate Status and Top Referrer.

Personal Settings - Email update
Now it is possible to set the email address without connecting it with your credentials. All the automated email communication will be done on this email address only. Even it can be used to reset your credential.

UI/UX Changes
We try to optimize the UI/UX of the application. Here are some key changes.


Automated Email
The system used to send various kinds of automated emails to system users and candidates. To send such automated emails, earlier it was mandatory to configure the system email. To simplify the process, now we send all the email through our out of box mass email service so no need of any configuration.

Here are the two categories of automated emails.

Interview create, update, cancelled emails
If individual email is configured, the individual email address will be used for sending the emails. If individual email is not configured, mass email service will be used for sending the emails.

Other automated emails like application received, interview reminders etc. It will always be done through the mass email service.

Offer Letter Generation & Management
Once the candidate is hired, offer letter generation and authorization is one of the important processes.

The following are the steps you can perform to generate the offer letter.
There are two ways to handle the offer letter.

Option 1: Electronic signature using Eversign

If you want to take the signature of candidate online (eSignature), you can perform the following steps to complete the process.

Create Eversign Account
You can create your Eversign account using the following link.
If you already have an account, you can connect it using the following option.

Create Template
Initially, you have to set up your template into the system. Here is an option to create a template into the system. You just have to upload your template document with the necessary placeholders. Once you upload any document, it will automatically be added in your eversign template list.

If you already have templates in your existing eversign account, you can contact support at to import them into the system.

Edit Template
Once you created your template, you can log in into the eversign account and do necessary field and signature adjustment into the system. You can get in touch with eversign chat support in case of any question.

Step 1: Access template
Step 2: Prepare template
Step 3: Add signature and other variables

Generate offer letter
To generate an offer letter of any candidate, you can move to the pipeline screen and click on the "Generate Offer Letter" option.

You can save the offer information which will be used while generating the offer letter.

Select the template which you would like to use for the offer generation and click on the send request.
Once you submit the request, eversign is going to prepare a document for that particular candidate.

Also, eversign will send an automated email to the candidate to have the electronic signature to accept the offer.

Option 2: Manual signature option
In this case, the system is going to generate the offer letter and you can basically download the offer letter from the system. You have to manually send the offer letter to the candidate for the acceptance.

Here are the steps you have to follow to generate the offer letter.

Create Template
It is a one-time job team has to do to set up the template into the system. There are various fields available which you can merge at the time of offer letter generation.

You can add one or multiple templates in a similar manner and you get the list of such templates.
Generate Offer Letter
To generate an offer letter of any candidate, you can move to the pipeline screen and click on the "Generate Offer Letter" option.
You can save the offer information which will be used while generating the offer letter.
Select the template which you would like to use for the offer generation and download the offer letter

Candidate Onboarding Workflow
Candidate onboarding is a multi-step process and the steps may vary from organization to organization. It's very difficult to handle the steps if you don't have the predefined workflow of onboarding.

To simplify the onboarding process, we have added functionality to define the workflow of your onboarding. Each candidate's onboarding process can be tracked through the onboarding workflow.

Configure stages of onboarding workflow
Here is the screen where you can create the onboarding workflow stages based on your preference.
Here is the list of onboarding workflow stages you create into the system.

Track status of onboarding
You can check the onboarding stage of the candidate in the following screen.
Change the status of onboarding
Here is how you can update the onboarding workflow stages of individual candidates. If you select the status as COMPLETED, the workflow will end of that particular candidate.

Candidate onboarding with Electronic Signature Option
Electronic signature plays a vital role in candidate onboarding process in terms of saving time and cost. Also, it's a very important aspect in terms of candidate experience. We have provided integration with eversign which helps you to do the electronic signature from the system.

Here are the steps to be followed to go with onboarding with the electronic signature.

Document management

Please connect your eversign account by providing the following information
Navigation Link:

Once you connect your account you can upload the document after selecting Eversign option.

You can go to the eversign and prepare the documents if required. You can add a signature and input fields based on your preference.
Initiate the onboarding process

You can go to onboarding screen and select a particular candidate for the onboarding.
Select the documents which you would like to send to the candidate for onboarding.
Once you send the request, an automated email will be sent to the candidate and he/she can complete the remaining process on their own.

You can even track the status of each document which you requested for the sign. Here is an option to check the status.

Once you feel that all the documents are completed well, you can close the onboarding process by clicking on the "MARK AS COMPLETED".

You can download all the completed document with the following option.
Alternatively, you can download from the eversign also in case it is required.

Dashboard - Task widget update
We have upgraded the following widgets to make it more user-friendly.

Upcoming tasks
Overdue tasks

Team Email - Access Permission Settings
Here is how you can access the team email option.

Now you can set up access permission of team email option in the mailbox.

Email Template List - Show only custom email templates
There are various automated email templates available in the system which can be used by the system to send automated emails. Also, the user has privileges to set up their own email templates based on their preference.

While sending an email, the earlier system was showing both default and custom email templates. Reason being it was difficult for the user to find out custom email template out of the dropdown. To overcome this challenge, now the system is just showing email templates which are custom.

Team Performance Report - Candidate information
Now it is possible to see the candidate details by clicking on the different counts.

Candidate Search - Created Date
Now it possible to select the created date column in the display of candidate information.

Twilio VOIP Call & SMS (Text) Option
Now it is possible to use VOIP and two way SMS in the following screens as well.


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