"Searching For Alvar" by Robert Seymour is published

True story of the author's journey to a remote, mysterious corner of Finland in search of an exceptional architect

Online PR News – 24-October-2019 – London, England – ISBN #978-1789556407

"Searching For Alvar" by Robert Seymour is published

True story of the author's journey to a remote, mysterious corner of Finland in search of an exceptional architect

About the Book:
June 1976 - the year of the great summer heatwave in the UK, and in a small university town in England, a young student had just completed his final exams in architecture. His studies had introduced him to a Finnish architect called Alvar Aalto - a shining light in modern architecture and he was desperate to meet this man and experience some of his outstanding buildings.
Aalto's best work was in Finland, high up near the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia, sandwiched between the powerful neighbours of Sweden and Russia. The shy and reserved Finns speak a unique language which has helped them keep their cultural identity intact, in a country which has been described as the last great wilderness in Europe.
Searching for Alvar tells the true story of the author's journey into this remote, mysterious corner of the world, and his quest to understand these remarkable people and the influences that inspired Alvar Aalto to create such stunning, distinctive architecture.

Book review on Amazon:
from Wordly Traveller on October 18, 2019
Finland in all its splendor
This is a real-life story of the author's travels, told in words and through photos, to a distant part of Finland to meet and speak with a specially-talented Finnish architect.
On his journey, the author gets to know the Finnish people, culture and traditions which inspired Aalto to create such outstanding and stunning architecture.
Like all good travelogues, this book provides readers with a unique insight into the country in which he travels, and is definitely worth reading. The photos in the book tell a story in themselves.

Excerpt from the book:

"I was mesmerised by this wilderness and I wallowed in the scenery and atmosphere. This stark scenery with such extremes of light and emptiness was rugged and harsh and utterly intoxicating. After two weeks, the trip wound its way back to Rovaniemi and I took a train back to Raisio in the south to continue my working life there again.
When I returned to Lapland many years later, I was happy that much of the simple beauty of Finnish Lapland had not been lost, despite the mass tourism that had organised reindeer sledging and Northern Lights trips for the mass tourism market. I had been privileged to experience the unspoilt wilderness in 1978 which was still relatively unknown to people outside Finland and I had been amongst the indigenous Sami people who had accepted my strange western looks and language. It was another adventure which had exceeded my expectations."

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