Jason King Join the Blockchain compagny Pockero

Breaking news!!! Jason King, CJS Group's CEO, Asset manager and crypto professional joined the Pockero team as an advisor.

Online PR News – 24-October-2019 – Dubai – Breaking news!!! Jason King, CJS Group's CEO, Asset manager and crypto professional joined the Pockero team as an advisor.

So what is Pockero? And how Jason King will influence the future of this project?

The Pockero team use the blockchain technology, a decentralized internet to create a new kind of user-friendly environment.

In a blockchain system, every input in the system should be validated by thousands of computers throughout the world at the same time. Meaning that if someone wants to hack the system he will have to hack 51% of all those computers in a few seconds. This is why the blockchain technology is for now considered as virtually unhackable at the moment.

The Pockero Team created a new cryptocurrency (Token) called the PCKO and coded a reward engine on the blockchain itself. Meaning that every Pockero users are going to get rewarded by just using the Pockero App.

This architecture also certifies that no government or third party can change the token distribution rules.

How does it work for a user?

When a neighbor needs some help for a small service he can create a request though the Pockero App. All users in the area get a notification and the one choosing to come to help get rewarded with PCKOs as the helpee.

With Pockero, users get cryptocurrency just by helping each other.

But those token have a limited supply and can't be regenerate meaning that token supply will get smaller and more expensive in the future. And this is exactly the objective!

Frequent Pockero App users will see the value of their token rise and they will be able to exchange them with cash inside the App. Token Investors that have bought PCKO early enough will also enjoy a drastic increase in the value of their PCKOs which is exactly what an investor is looking for.

Gamify life

The Pockero philosophy is simple: everyone can win. Rewarding people to help each other can rebuilt real-world relationships. The more users or token owners get in the project, the more it will drive the token price up.

This real-life approach of the crypto economy is exactly what Jason King liked in the Pockero project. An advisor with such a good reputation is a game-changer for the startup and will allow it to have a fast deployment with very strong credibility in the new challenges that the team is going to face.

If the technology is developed, they now need to create a large community in selected areas to launch their App. Jason King gives them the credibility and the support they are going to need to successfully go through that stage.

No doubt we'll hear from them in the incoming weeks.