AppJetty Adds More Functionality to Quick Maps with its 4

AppJetty recently updated their prime product QuickMaps. To know what is it in detail, read this blog to know further.

Online PR News – 22-October-2019 – Ahmedabad – 22th October 2019, Ahmedabad: AppJetty is an apps and extensions store for ecommerce platforms like Magento, Odoo; and CRMs like Suite, Sugar, Dynamics, and Salesforce. Their Dynamics 365 based products are some of their greatest ones. Now they have updated one of their legacy products, Quick Maps.

The development team for the app looked at the challenges that sales teams face and worked to solve those. When asked about it, their lead developer said, "We are delighted to bring these updates to Quick Maps because we feel they are necessary for any sales team. We thought of all workflows that they require and made these changes."

Quick Maps 4.0 comes with a hoard of updates that advantages the sales team in multiple ways. One of the top-notch features is territory management. A company's sales manager is definitely going to get more productivity out of this update.

In this update, the sales manager will be able to do a variety of things regarding territory management. One can map out the territory based on regions, drawing and even by uploading a shapefile. With this tool, sales managers will also be able to assign territories to their team members. It also allows the merging of territories.

Another update is that you can get a detailed summary card for each CRM entity. They have also added a detailed layer menu. You can toggle between visibility for plotting attributes like accounts, and regions, on the map. This makes it easier to get a quick view of these two attributes in relation to each other.

For each account, there is a record card with quick actions that the user can customize from the backend. These customizations include buttons to deactivate, delete or even add as the destination or origin point.

The users can now add a layer of security to information sharing with Security Templates. The admin user can give rights to access certain modules to the other users. This prevents everyone from having either all access or no access. It is a further layer of security on top of role-based access.

Quick Maps 4.0 also added default configuration management for users. They can set certain default views, zoom level on the map, etc. according to their preference. This way, they don't have to waste time looking for anything every time they sign in.

The Heatmap view has display options that show pie charts or column graphs on top of the map. The heatmap shows a range of lowest to highest based on the data source you've selected.

Another interesting feature of Quick Maps 4.0 is that the sales manager can assign routes to their team members. While the manager can assign days in advance, the sales representative can only see their daily routes. These routes appear on the sales reps' dashboard.

To know more about Quick Maps and its features, you can view its product page on AppJetty's website. AppJetty also has a number of extensions and apps, apart from Quick Maps that can be useful for various kinds of businesses.

AppJetty is an ISO 27001 certified company and they adhere to industry-standard strict security and privacy rules.

To know more about AppJetty, you can visit their website here.