Auction Streaming's Sneak Peek of the 2020 CAMS-III At the UCW 2019 - Booth# 109

BOOTH #109
Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa in Las Vegas • November 11-15, 2019

Online PR News – 21-October-2019 – Largo, FL – Auction Streaming is unveiling the New 2020 CAMS-IIITM Platform at the UCW 2019 November 11-15, at the Red Rock Casino, Resort in Las Vegas, as the only solution unifying the Auction Management Systems and Wholesale Market Place with the Retail Aggregation Portals described as "Making The IMPOSSIBLE A Reality".

UCW consist of two blocks: the 1st Block being dedicated to the Pre-Owned Con, Auto Fin Con, and Repo Con where the AutoXloo Dealer Management Systems with over 36 Products and Services will be showcased.

The 2nd Block celebrates the 20th anniversary of the NRC where Auction Streaming will showcase the CAMS-IIITM eleven Modules and Features with interconnectivity as a Unified Solution.

Markets Changing Landscape

"For the past 4 years, we have been developing with A.I. and Machine Learning engines towards the reduction of labor cost, removal of menial and repetitive tasks all replaced by robotics and software", said David Vahman, Founder & CEO.

"In 2019, we saw the gap between the wholesale and retail shrink even further with the introduction of the online portals and dealership and auctions having to implement cost-saving initiatives and offer better technological tools to retain their respective customers", added Mr. Vahman.

The independent auctions want branded aggregators dedicated in bringing value to their consigners, buyers, sellers, and customers as the direct result of their efforts and have the ownerships remain within their control.

Technology Is An Enabler

"The Free Market behaves exactly as it should with the sales and profits going to the entity that offers the highest value for the least cost. Unfortunately, most auctions still rely on inefficient, expensive "End of Life" software to run their day to day operations that simply can no longer adapt to the ever-changing market conditions that are required for them to remain competitive. This creates a series of negative repercussions that result in a downward spiral which in turn makes their current business model unsustainable." said Joe Kramer, the Senior Vice President of Business Development.

"We provide technology and innovative solutions that enable our customers wholesale and retail alike to gain market share that would be otherwise inaccessible with their current platform(s)," concluded Mr. Kramer.

Auction Streaming Delivers Technology and Innovation enabling change and progress


The IN-APP Bidder APP enables the buyer to take control and navigate multiple lanes and vehicle run lists via a proprietary user interface for instant bidding on any lane independent of the auctioneer for any sale In-Lane or Online.

AUCTION-ON-WHEELS (Aka Mobile Auctions)

Offered as Turn-Key or in Partnership, Auctions are enabled to add lanes and expand to remote locations via the proprietary CAMS-IIITM portable workstation and all devices to transact the sale In-Lane and Online with LTE & Broadband connectivity for online buyers to participate via the SimCast simulcast & Mobile Dashboard App from anywhere on the planet.


A.I. Auctioneer is in BETA at this time with a full release scheduled for Q1-2020. This revolutionary feature will change the way auctions will sell and interact with their buyers. Auctioneer charisma fused with A.I. Machine Learning algorithm for a tireless, cost-saving, deeper analytical customer engagement to a human auctioneer.

By utilizing all of the Auction Streaming modules and features, your business will sell more vehicles at a higher value for less cost in person or online to buyers from any country, city or location on the planet. We are doing it now!

Go online to learn more about and modules, products, features and services and join us at Used Car Week 2019.