Effect on Students Planning To Study in UK as Brexit Deadline Approaches

British PM Boris Johnson has stated that UK would be leaving the European Union on 31st Oct 2019. As deadline approaches, we look at its impact on Study in UK

Online PR News – 21-October-2019 – Hyderabad and Telangana – The deadline for the deal or no-deal Brexit that was set as 31st Oct by the British Prime Minster Boris Johnson is approaching within a few weeks. The Queen's speech at the opening of the parliament session also fully endorsed this deadline, which means that Brexit will most likely take place and the UK will indeed be exiting the European Union on 31st October 2019. The impact of this move will be felt across industries, families, and political parties in both the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. However one of the segments that will also be impacted would be the international students who are already studying or plan to study in UK. We take a look at few of the aspects that will change when Britain moves out of Europe
Brexit Factors Affecting Study in UK

1. ERASMUS Scholarships
The ERAMUS scholarship scheme is an European Union scheme that provides scholarships to students who study in any country that is a part of the EU. As UK is currently part of the European Union, international students who study in UK, are eligible for the scholarship. After Brexit, it is not certain whether this scholarship will continue for students in the United Kingdom. However students who have already been accepted into courses, can avail of funding from the scheme

2. Student Exchange Programs
Students who study in UK can now freely take part in different student exchange programs across many countries that are part of the European Union such as France and Germany. After Brexit, students who pursue their abroad education in UK(https://globaltree.in/services/abroad-education/study-in-uk/), may not be able to participate in student exchange programs without applying for visas to their destination countries

3. Tuition Fees
The tuition fees for students pursuing their higher education in the United Kingdom, may be impacted due to Brexit. The fees for students who are a part of the European Union can increase as UK will no longer be a part of the EU. The fees for students from countries outside the EU would not see much change in their fees directly, but may see an indirect benefit as the value of GBP value could fall and the fees in domestic currency could also be reduced.

4. Academic Quality
Many universities in Britain are ranked high among the top universities in the world. This is due to the free flowing movement of talented and experienced researchers and professors between EU and UK. After Brexit, the movement of academics would be impacted. It may become more difficult for professors to move in and out of the UK and they may be discouraged to do so. This would impact the quality of academics in the United Kingdom.