Sankalp Is a Global MLM Player Multi-Level Market Competitive Analysis Research Report 2019 -2026

Sankalp is proud to announce its inclusion as a leading global network marketing software player in a research report by Contrive Datum.

Online PR News – 21-October-2019 – pune – Sankalp is proud to announce its inclusion as a leading global network marketing software player in a research report by Contrive Datum. The report provides an overview of the international multi-level market, in-depth analysis, and segmenting. It also traces the growth of advanced technologies, future prospects, and competitive analysis in the MLM sector from 2019 to 2026. This report offers a 360-degree view of the MLM market landscape. It predicts the size and valuation of the international market for the forecast duration. Quantitative and qualitative data show an impact on market's future potentialities for growth. Among the leading players in the market, Contrive Datum has identified Sankalp Computers and Systems Private Limited, a leading provider of best direct selling software, Ventaforce.
Regionally, Sankalp has netted a market base and productivity boosting business in regions like Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and United States. A significant key player profiled in this research, Sankalp has been appreciated for its exceptional strategies and the key role it plays in the global MLM market at domestic and international levels. Industry analysis techniques like Porter's model and SWOT were the lens used to examine the strengths and opportunities for this leading MLM software company, in the Contrive Datum report for 2019-2026.
About Contrive Datum and the Report
Contrive Datum Insights is a leading Vancouver-based, Canadian market research platform. Serious researchers from across the globe seek latest market trends and in-depth analysis through Contrive Datum Insights. Contrive Datum's massive database has authentic publications from leading researchers. Its expertise in analyzing the MLM market is unparalleled.
The report examines cloud- and web-based MLM markets. It also segments MLM markets by end user applications into SMEs and large enterprises. The report demonstrates commercial opportunities and positive revenue estimates for this industry. It also studies key markets and regions. The report also offers a complete estimation of the market, identifying leading players like Sankalp through recorded perceptions and predictions. This report aims to offer a better understanding of leading MLM players like Sankalp and their innovative strategies for enabling traders, manufacturers and suppliers to benefit. Readers can also gain critical insights for future business growth.
Upstream raw materials, downstream demand and present market dynamics are also studied. The report makes important proposals for the MLM software market and evaluates the feasibility of solutions offered by leading players. It covers important parameters for understanding the MLM software market.
Sankalp: Know More
An ISO-accredited MLM software development company, Sankalp is a tech leader with innovative MLM software, Ventaforce, as one of its many versatile product lines. Feature-rich, future-ready, and equipped with superb functionalities, Ventaforce has over 151+ amazing features, designed to help big, small and medium-sized MLM business alike in an integrated and effective way. From listing on Clutch to favorable reviews on Capterra, Trust Pilot, and SoftwareSuggest, among others, Sankalp has been inspiring and guiding businesses towards growth since it was formed in 2001. With over 2 decades of experience in the industry, Sankalp has an impressive clientele boasting 4500+ clients in 45+ countries, spanning every continent. Listing on top software directors like GoodFirms are another strong point of this tech software player.
Ventaforce is a leading direct-selling software business across the globe trust. Sankalp has pioneered network marketing software by putting together Ventaforce, an elite MLM software with support for different compensation plans, and unique business requirements. The biggest strength of Ventaforce is its customizability, making it easy to create a software built to help your MLM business grow. Sankalp's developers have covered 4000+ installations of Ventaforce across the world, offering 10K man-hours of support, on average. Sankalp also has industry-leading partnerships with brands like Microsoft and organizations like NASSCOM, CRISIL and MCCIA.
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