SEO Services Company Techmagnate Offers Lead-Based Marketing Services

Techmagnate, a leading SEO services company in India has introduced lead-based marketing services. This service focuses on bringing targeted traffic to client websites and prompting users to voluntarily fill in a form with their contact details. Tools for lead-based marketing include paid ads, SEO services and optimized ads. This is a more cost-effective method of doing Internet Marketing and is executed in two phases.

Online PR News – 09-March-2011 – – Techmagnate, a leading SEO services company in India, has introduced lead-based marketing services. This means that as part of its SEO services, the company will offer targeted marketing for specific demographics outlined by its clients. Therefore it will design a combination of SEO, PPC and other Internet Marketing tools, to drive the client’s target audience to the client website, and prompt them to voluntarily fill in a form with their contact details. These leads can be followed up with and possibly be converted to sales.

Commenting on this service, Mr. Sarvesh Bagla, CEO, Techmagnate says, “Different clients have different reasons for hiring SEO services. These vary from simply more visibility to more leads. The latter is an important reason for choosing SEO services. More traffic means more leads; the more the leads, the higher the chances of conversion. Our lead-based marketing services are for those who want to make online sales. Their audience is clearly defined and we help generate more leads for them.”

The lead-based SEO services will be executed in two phases. In the first phase, the SEO services company will launch a pilot campaign. A landing page is created and marketed, where users will sign up for more information. This will give the company an idea of cost-per-acquisition and whether the campaign is performing as expected. Changes to the campaign will then be made as needed. In phase II, the campaign will be launched in a bigger way.

Adds Mr. Bagla, “Our typical lead-based marketing campaign includes paid ads on Facebook and Google, SEO services, and optimization of ads. This combination ensures that your Internet marketing campaign is targeted and is reaching out to the right people. For instance, if your buyers are likely to be men in the age group of 25- 40, living in Boston, our campaign will be tailored around them. This is also cost-effective, because you are not spending your money advertising on pages that are not visited by your potential users.”

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