Shamieh Law firm's Car Wreck Lawyers Dallas, Texas

Shamieh Law is a boutique yet effective Car Wreck, Truck Wreck, & Personal Injury Law Firm with offices in Texas and Louisiana.

Online PR News – 15-October-2019 – Dallas, Texas – Shamieh Law firm offers legal services in Dallas, Texas to handle complex cases of car wrecks. These cases are considered complex because they require understanding real-time situations and follow the legal rules that determine who is responsible for the damage.

The number of accidents increased on highways, especially on intersections, busy two-lane roads. And, we understand that getting involved in any kind of a road accident is very painful. If this situation happens to you call our experienced Dallas car wreck lawyers who have extensive knowledge of traffic safety laws in Dallas. Their focus is to help victims of truck crashes, car wrecks, and any other automobile accidents.

Why do you need a car wreck lawyer?

Every Dallas, Texas resident needs a Car Wreck Lawyer. We, in Dallas, are not as bad as other major cities.
Car accidents are not always severe; if 2 vehicles back into each other with low speed the damages were minimal. In this case, you can talk to your insurance company and you don't need a lawyer. But, if the severity of the accident is significant then you need to call our law firm and ask for Car Wreck Lawyers. Here are some situations -

Serious Injuries - If a serious injury occurred which includes hospitalization, broken bones or injuries which are permanent? You'll want to hire an attorney.
Police Report - If the police report blames you then you need a lawyer to deal with police by following the proper car wreck laws in Dallas, Texas.

Our car wreck lawyers will help you & let you know - what are the car wreck laws in Texas. What is the settlement process? How much time it will take to get the case resolved? Etc.

Some Tips & important information to follow when you are in an accident:

If you are in an automobile accident, then immediately follow these steps:-
Call the police & report the accident immediately
If there are injuries seek medical attention
Call your Insurance Company
NEVER admit your fault

Shamieh Law firm Lawyers will make you aware of car wreck laws in Texas for example:-
Texas is a "no-fault" state where insurance companies will automatically provide coverage, irrespective of who caused the accident
Minimum insurance amount that the driver has to carry. E.g. $25,000 for property damage
Timeline to file a claim i.e. In the state's civil court system you have 2 years' timeline to file a lawsuit

Car wreck settlement process timeline:-
There is no set time; it depends on different factors like in what circumstances the accident took place?

Number of people involved
The severity of injuries or deaths
Medical cost for the treatment of injuries/operations
Insurance company policies
Pieces of evidence that support your claim

As the settlement is offered and if you are not satisfied with the amount then do not sign the waiver because once the settlement is done you cannot file any additional claims.

Shamieh has represented countless victims of car wrecks. Our car wreck lawyer will aggressively fight for your case to get the full compensation