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Attendance through face recognition has been introduced in many offices and other institutions these days.

Online PR News – 15-October-2019 – 15.10.2019 Singapore – Singapore 15-10-2019. The face recognition attendance system is a secure and convenient way of recording the attendance of any person who is associated with any working organization. In this system, the image of a person's face is captured and then their information is stored in the database. This image gets stored in the system which maps it in the form of a co-ordinated structure. Whenever this registered person places his or her face in front of the same camera again, the face gets recognized easily. This system also records the time along with the picture and hence if a person is late beyond the reporting time, the system shows a warning as well.

Revlight Solutions in Singapore is a supplier of face recognition attendance system which serves the purposes accurately and efficiently. Face recognition attendance system is a very cost-effective mode of recording attendance these days because they are available at very low prices. These systems also save a lot of time since the information for most people is stored earlier. The use of this system brings punctuality to the organization because the employees remain aware of the reporting time as they know, failing to abide by that would give in warnings which would automatically reach the higher authorities. Along with facial recognition attendance facility, these systems also contain a thumb impression as a means of recording attendance.

EMS control systems are mainly used to analyse and control the demands of energy. With the many technological advances taking place around us, the use of machinery is increasing day by day at various working institutions such as industries. The laborious works might be getting reduced with the help of machinery but the energy consumption is increasing rapidly. What comes next is a huge sum of electricity bill. To keep a check on the excessive energy consumption, EMS control systems are introduced. With the help of these, all sorts of energy consumptions can be automatically controlled. Revlight Solutions supplies efficient EMS control systems at a budget-friendly price. To know more, visit us at: