Preventing JCB spares from getting rusted during the monsoon

Seetech is a company that deals with JCB spare parts suitable for all types of construction

Online PR News – 15-October-2019 – New Delhi , India – Although many JCB spare parts are made from stainless steel, aluminum, and other alloys, some spares are made from cast iron too. Components such as gear parts, pistons and crankshafts are sometimes manufactured from cast iron.

This is because the cycle time for manufacturing cast iron components is relatively less, the production process is inexpensive, quick and the components are easy to clean and maintain. However, the only drawback of using cast iron JCB spare parts is they get rusted soon when exposed to moisture or water.

The monsoon season in India is a time when most components inside backhoes and loaders, especially if they are made from cast iron, get rusted due to rainfall and moisture present in the air. Rusted components can cause a severe breakdown in machinery thereby stalling the entire construction process.

However, if cast iron components are taken good care of, their shelf life improves and rarely gets corroded. Listed below are a few ways to prevent cast iron JCB spare parts from getting corroded:

Lubricating parts regularly

One of the prime ways to keep cast iron components inside loaders and backhoes from getting corroded is by having them lubricated during the monsoon season. One can use simply use ordinary manufacturing grease or a branded lubricant. Ensure to coat components fully to prevent contact with water and air.

In case, the components are difficult to locate, consult a mechanic or technician for lubricating the parts. Lubrication acts as a protective layer on the component by preventing it from coming in contact with air or moisture that could lead to corrosion. Lubricating components also prevents friction and stiffness in rotating gears and camshafts inside vehicles.

Replacing components with spare parts

If the components in the backhoe and loader are beyond repair, it is best to replace them with spares. Look for spares that are made from stainless steel and alloys. If JCB spare components are made from cast iron, ensure to lubricate them thoroughly before fixing them as a replacement in the vehicle.

Cover the vehicle during heavy rain

At most construction sites, backhoes and loaders are often left in the open once the task is complete. This should not be the case as heavy rains and wind could spoil internal components and cause severe damage to the engine of the vehicle itself. Therefore, it is best to park backhoes and loaders in shades and have them covered with polythene wraps.

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