The POS Software of Chronito Technologies is Revolutionizing the Retail & Restaurant Industry.

Chronito Technologies provides state of the art Point of Sale software for all types of restaurants & retail industries.

Online PR News – 15-October-2019 – Kolkata – For over a decade most of the restaurants in India are have bought the sophisticated Point of Sale software systems of Chronito Technologies. The POS device of Chronito Technologies, also known as ChronitoPOS is famous for their data, operations, customer & order management.
The entire world is becoming digital very fast. Then why the restaurant industry will lag? Your restaurant will not become fully digitized if you don't implement a POS system. But exactly what is a POS system?
After a meal, a customer pays their bill through the POS device. With the advent of IT, there are a lot of payment options available for the customers. Some of them are:
• Payment counters.
• Touch screen panels.
• POS systems & many more.
Restaurant POS has turned from point of sale to point of service. POS devices have increased customer satisfaction & customer experience tremendously. It is assumed that these POS devices will streamline your restaurant business very fast. These POS systems are integrated to all major payment gateways so that they can independently manage the business finances.
You will be surprised to know that ChronitoPOS can convert any type of handheld iPads, Android tablets into full-fledged POS devices.
Some of the top features of our ChronitoPOS are:
• It easily engages with customers.
• Payment processing can be done from any corner in the restaurant.
• You can access food products & inventories easily.
• Customer billing becomes very easy.
• High-end restaurant stock & inventory control.
• ChronitoPOS can be easily integrated with any type of Customer Relationship Management platforms.
• Restaurants get customized Loyalty Programs with our POS systems.
• Your restaurants can manage multiple outlets with our ChronitoPOS.
• You will get real-time reports on customer behaviours & restaurant performance in the same POS system.
• ChronitoPOS can protect your restaurants from internal thefts & pilferages.
Some of the great advantages of using our ChronitoPOS for your restaurant are:
• Your payment procedure will be very fast & accurate.
• Order errors can be marginally reduced.
• You can get accurate stock and inventory management.
• You can improve your relationship with your customers very efficiently.
Although this POS is made for restaurant industries they are also used in retail industries. This device single-handedly controls the customers & their orders as well as security management. It is assured that with the use of Chronito's POS device, higher customer satisfaction & fast order execution are guaranteed. All the POS devices of Chronito are operated through the cloud.
Chronito has a wide variety of POS devices which are:
• iPad based POS
• Android-based POS
• Desktop-based POS & etc.
Most of the POS devices of Chronito have the facility of payment in the dining table itself. At the time of billing, the waiter takes the POS device to the dining table & uses the credit or debit cards of the customer for the payment via the ChronitoPOS.
Even the order of customers is taken via the iPad POS device at the dining table itself. The order of the customer is noted in the iPad device & sent directly to the kitchen online. You won't believe that with the use of these POS devices the efficiency of the restaurants is highly increased multi-fold. Thousands of customers can be served daily without any problem with ChronitoPOS.
In a very busy day, a restaurant has to serve a lot of customers, play songs or music, provides security & many more things. So, the servers of the restaurant used to face huge pressure. But it is seen that ChronitoPOS manages everything with ease without exerting any more pressure to the servers.
ChronitoPOS has a very high level of EMV and chip processing technology to process customer orders & their payments. Our iPad based POS surely help servers to work efficiently in huge workloads. In case of any type of trouble with our POS devices, you will be pleased to know that Chronito Technologies will help you in every possible way.
For Chronito Tech, size is not a matter at all. No matter how big a restaurant is, no matter how large their operations are, ChronitoPOS has the required technology & feature to help any kind of restaurant in their operations smoothly.

About Chronito Technologies:
Based on the famous Sec. V of Kolkata, India Chronito Technologies is a global provider of Point of Sale solution provider to retail & restaurant industries. The POS devices of them, also known as ChronitoPOS, are highly innovative & use touch-based technology. ChronitoPOS are used in single or multi-outlet restaurants, quick-service restaurants or even in restaurant franchises. Chronito provides restaurant & retail industries all the things needed to sell their services in a more profitable way. The POS devices of Chronito are used in restaurants & retails ranging from small to large. To know more about our company pleases contact:
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