New Biometric Time Clocks Available at
9 March 2011
March 8, 2011 – Scottsdale, AZ. If you’re business is considering making a vital investment into it’s payroll investment, has the clock for you. Today’, has announced that it has added multiple new biometric time clock models to it’s growing selection biometric time and attendance systems. “ is slowly becoming the number one retailer of biometric time clocks with over 5,000 satisfied customers and installations to date!”, said John Stetson – Marketing Manager for We offer a variety of biometric time clocks for every application – whether you have 5 employees or 5,000 employees. Biometric time clocks work very similarly to traditional time and attendance systems; however, instead of punching in and out via a time card, employees can punch in and out with their fingerprint or hand print. The technology offers reliable record keeping and can save a business thousands in wasted payroll costs every year. Most systems available at are turn key biometric time and attendance systems that include software, hardware, power supplies, and accessories that are ready to install the moment a customer receives their order. Most business owners find that the biometric systems pay for themselves in a matter of weeks! They eliminate the phenomenon known as buddy punching and can save employers thousands in payroll costs. The new selection includes fingerprint time clocks from trusted manufacturers like Easy Clocking, Fingertec, Amano, and Acroprint. To view the entire selection of biometric time clocks, visit About Avid Biometrics is based in Scottsdale Arizona and offers a unique variety of hard-to-find business technology products with a strong focus on products with authentication, biometric, currency handling, and security products. Visit to view their complete inventory of biometric time and attendance systems.