Award-Winning Manufacturing Technology Improved with elliTek's new IIoTA™

The new IIoTA™, Industrial Internet of Things Appliance, features "IT Optional" databases and dashboards.

Online PR News – 07-October-2019 – Knoxville, TN – Continuous improvement is a necessity for any business (and in life!). For manufacturing, it is critical. In the U.S., manufacturers add $1.82 to the economy for every $1.00 spent. Out of any economic sector in the U.S., manufacturing has the highest multiplier effect (Source: National Association of Manufacturers). It is imperative for manufacturers to continually improve their processes in order to be competitive.

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always be where you've always been." - T.D. Jakes

At elliTek, the customers' continuous improvement efforts are elliTek's continuous improvement efforts. elliTek's engineering team is persistent in finding solutions that empower the clients' and that make a positive impact on the community.

The 2018 Hardware and Software Innovation of the Year Data Commander™ line of products is now classified as "Legacy Support Only" and is replaced by elliTek's new IIoTA™ (Industrial Internet of Things Appliance) platform.

The newly released IIoTA™ is a result of 1) Listening to the customers and 2) Continuous improvement.

Existing Data Commander™ users need not worry!

The IIoTA™ not only incorporates but builds upon all the innovative features the Data Commander™ MES Gateway Appliance offers manufacturers.

The features that awarded the Data Commander™ the 2018 Hardware and Software Innovation of the year include the ability for production engineers to securely move data between the plant floor machines and the enterprise-level databases on the IT side without a PC. The point-and-click nature of the Data Commander™ provides easy deployment in minutes vs. days or even months.

The Data Commander™ and certainly the IIoTA™ can be utilized to provide end-users with real-time information for Manufacturing Execution, Statistical Process Control, Quality Assurance and Control, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and Six Sigma feedback.

Building upon the innovative features offered by the Data Commander™ line, the IIoTA™ platform goes above and beyond by delivering:

• Higher performance (increased from 800MHz to 1GHz CPU)

• A 3x Increase in memory (increased from 4GB to 32GB)

• The ETH1 RJ45 LAN port is upgraded from 10/100 baseT to 1 GB

• Optional addon's for customized user-configurable dashboards, integrated product traceability & skip check, and a fully functioning SQL Database Server all available within the same form factor of the traditional Data Commander™

Manufacturers, are you looking for any of the following?

• The ability to create custom web-based dashboards

• Manage product traceability

• Eliminate network latency or high-level connection concerns

• Continued production despite network connection downtime events

The IIoTA™ platform gives end-users the ability to do all the above!

The IIoTA ™ platform features a drag & drop dashboard builder, so creating custom web-based dashboards that can be viewed with most standard web browsers on any PC, tablet, or mobile device is easily done.

elliTek's Workflow Management software tool provides the built-in capability to manage product traceability and can be used as a means of skip check. This functionality offers a lineside means of confirming the process flow of products through the line.

A complete database server can be implemented allowing users to store data lineside, consequently eliminating network latency or high-level connection concerns.

Because the IIoTA™ platform is lineside and standalone, it is unaffected by situations such as loss of connection to the main database while preserving the ability to store process results data into the main database for historical purposes. This equates to continued production even when network connection downtime events occur.

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elliTek's industrial IoT Team knows how to connect dissimilar platforms and can help your plant move into Industry 4.0!

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elliTek, Inc. has become an established leader in Industry 4.0 by developing data products and solutions that bridge the gaps between today's machine control platforms and enterprise-level database server platforms. As one of the first in this industry to realize the value of the M2M (machine to machine) movement in the world of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), elliTek is leading the way with new and exciting products that emphasize the user experience. Our systems integration division excels not only in motion control and automated machine design but in providing solutions that allow disparate manufacturing data platforms to "talk" to each other through the sharing of data. To learn more about our award-winning products and services, please visit