ThinkSys releases Krypton as an Open Source Automation Testing Framework

ThinkSys, a global technology products & services company, helps customers improve and grow their business initiatives across the Web & mobile channels.

Online PR News – 03-October-2019 – california – ThinkSys, a boutique company delivering excellent, cost-effective and efficient IT solutions and testing services, has today announced the release of its successful Krypton product to the Open Source community. Krypton, built on top of Selenium, is an automation solution for testing websites, web-based applications, mobile websites and mobile native apps which is JavaScript and Spreadsheets based.
Over the past few years, ThinkSys has helped several Enterprises, ISVs, and Fortune 1000 companies build quality test automation suites while reducing the cost of quality by leveraging the Krypton framework. Now it is releasing Krypton to the Open Source community. ThinkSys is also launching a new website for Krypton information, downloads and to create the Krypton Open Source community.
"While we will continue to invest in Krypton Framework to add more features, we are looking forward to the developer community to take it forward in a positive direction. That was the whole idea of launching it as an Open Source Framework. Since Krypton is based on top of Selenium, I am looking forward to great participation from the Selenium community", said Rajiv Jain, CEO of ThinkSys.
Krypton helps companies in improving time to market as well as offers ease of maintenance. With Krypton, QA engineers can write the test cases in Spread Sheets in an 'easy to understand' script. The automation test cases are written as a set of commands in Test Management. During automation execution, Krypton's "Execution Engine" reads the test cases and executes these commands.
"Having tools like this helps to level the playing field", said Ryan Clark, CEO of ProActive Budget, a ThinkSys customer. "I applaud ThinkSys in making this available to the OpenSource community. It's a huge win for start-ups like mine. Our time to market will be reduced while still delivering high-quality apps." he adds.
"Open source tools such as Appium and Selenium have made a huge impact on automated testing, and we're excited to see ThinkSys make their Krypton framework available to the community", said Lubos Parobek, vice president of product at Sauce Labs. "We are looking forward to seeing an increase in adoption and contributions to this project".