BelVG Presents a New Service - Advanced Magento Webdesign

BelVG Offers Expert Magento WebDesign Development

Online PR News – 04-October-2019 – Riga, Latvia – When it comes to ecommerce, the more eye-catching the store is, the higher the chances are it will be successful and profitable. Have a look at your Magento online store - is it attractive and engaging enough? Is the shop design modern and mobile-responsive? Do you feel you need to improve something to impress your customers? Turn to BelVG, an ecommerce development agency with a decade of ecommerce experience, for Magento Webdesign services and revamp your online store.

Our team of experienced designers will develop a functional and modern-looking design that conveys your Brand message to the visitors as well as meets all the high standards of usability and user-friendliness. All your wishes and desires will be brought to life, and if you hesitate or at a loss, we will come up with the alternatives of a best solution to implement. It does not matter how large or small the scope of Magento design work you need - a complete redesign of a webstore, landing page or even logo design - BelVG will be here to meet the challenge.

An attractive webdesign does not guarantee an online store will become successful. In addition to the visual appeal, a webstore should have a high level of usability. Turn to BelVG and we will create a user-friendly and intuitive interface that your customers would love to interact. We begin our work with a meticulous analysis of your ecommerce, or Magento Audit (to learn more, follow the link ) and map out the peculiarities of your customers' behavior. With that in mind, we propose you the best UX / UI practices and simple, most suitable solutions. We will work with you closely, so it is up to you to decide which of our ideas should we bring to life.

Your Magento webstore design has not been updated in several years? To stay competitive, a modern business should constantly change and evolve. Show your customers that you are keeping up with the times by redesigning your Magento webstore! If you have a concept you want to adapt - we will happily do it for you, but if not - we do not worry. Our skilled designers will create an excellent redesign, based on your Brand identity, and will empower it with the latest ecommerce trends and tendencies. And, since the share of the mobile purchases is growing year by year, we will make you Magento store design responsive. Now, the customers can shop from you wherever they are! Want to make sure your ecommerce never experiences downtime and the bugs are fixed before they grow into serious issues? Turn to BelVG for Magento Support.

Why BelVG? We are a team of ecommerce enthusiasts who have been delivering Magento solutions since the times this platform was introduced. BelVG has a wide and global experience, having successfully completed over 400 projects in the countries of Northern America and European Union. More than half of our team members are Magento Certified, and we encourage every BelVG developer to grow and develop professionally. To learn more about us and what we do, visit our website.

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