Asterisk Service Announce CRM Integration in VoIP Solutions for International Enterprises

VoIP solutions are the norm rather than an exception as more and more enterprises switch to IP PBX, Call Center solutions and IVRs to streamline communications

Online PR News – 03-October-2019 – texas – Asterisk Service, a division of global VoIP tech leaders Ecosmob, announced availability of CRM integration services in VoIP solutions for international enterprises. Such services, said the VP, are of prime importance considering the scenario. 

Businesses may already have CRM like SalesForce in use since years whereas solutions like IP PBX or contact center software or IVR may be recent adoptions to facilitate omnichannel communications. The CRM works in a separate channel and communications works in parallel along another track. This leads to inefficiencies and reduced productivity as well as loss of customers. For instance, a lead arrives via IVR but does not get into the CRM unless entered manually until which time marketers remain in the dark and by the time they do get around to it, the trail has gone cold. Existing customers may have a frustrating time first identifying themselves, stating the product they have purchased and then getting the agent to look up the CRM before proceeding. A call arrives and it goes to the wrong person who, in turn, spends time switching it to the right departments. All these scenarios happen simply because CRM is segregated whereas Asterisk CRM integration short-circuits these deficiencies with an appropriate bridge. 

Asterisk Service excels in CRM integration. It can offer its own Zoho based CRM to VoIP solution users. It can take on integration of existing proprietary or custom CRM with the VoIP channel. Startups have the option of going in for CRM integrated VoIP solutions. A decade of developing VoIP solutions and superior excellence in leveraging the power of Asterisk places the company in a position to take on challenges. Managers are understandably chary when it comes to tampering with an existing CRM for fear of affecting voluminous amounts of data. Asterisk Service engineers, however, make this integration an easy task without affecting sensitive data while enhancing usability. 

The changes are quite noticeable. The CRM gets more use and becomes an interactive part of the communication-marketing matrix. Employees can monitor activities on the dashboard, use CRM contact lists to initiate calls, receive calls through the CRM that ports the call to the right person, captures leads and does a lot more in recording and analyzing activities. Asterisk Service can put in place custom features in CRM-VoIP integration as may be desired by customers. This is backed by training and ongoing support. There is dramatic increase in efficiency and productivity as well as revenues while costs plummet. It opens up an entirely new dimension in business operations, concluded the VP. 

Business enterprises wishing to have their existing CRM integrated into VoIP solutions may get in touch with Asterisk Service by phone on 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or chat live on