GX Sciences™ Introduces New Vitamin D Testing Through Microsampling

GX Sciences™ announces Vitamin D testing is now available for patients and providers.

Online PR News – 03-October-2019 – Austin, TX – GX Sciences™ is excited to introduce their Vitamin D test, a new addition to their Hormone portfolio and recently launched Microsampling blood testing. Patients can now receive Vitamin D Microsampling kits straight to their home where they can take a sample of their own blood and securely mail their samples to the GX Sciences™ laboratory for analysis. Patients will then receive a personalized report with information about their Vitamin D deficiencies and recommendations on how to improve their Vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D deficiencies are widespread and affect many individuals in different ways. A 2004 study by Jordan Lite showed that 77% of people have lower Vitamin D levels than what is optimal for their bodies, leading them to see the importance of getting tested for their Vitamin D. A Vitamin D deficiency can lead to serious health complications such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease, among others. There are signs that indicate that patients may need to get their Vitamin D levels tested, such as living a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, limited sun exposure, and age-related changes to their body.

Patients can now get their Vitamin D levels tested faster and easier than ever before. The GX Sciences™ Vitamin D test through their Microsampling kit allows patients to take their blood samples at home from a single finger prick and mail it directly to the lab in a safe and secure package. Advances in laboratory practices and equipment now allow the accurate analysis of much smaller blood samples than in the past. Microsampling has been a huge benefit to the new age of blood testing and GX Sciences™ is excited to add this new test to the line of their Hormone portfolio.

"The goal of GX Sciences™ is to allow patients and Providers to have access to advanced precision testing. The world of personalized medicine is here to stay and we plan to be a leading service provider. Our partnership with Neoteryx has allowed GX Sciences™ to accomplish our goals by using the most advanced and approved collection device in the market. We plan to validate many more tests via Microsampling and set gold standard practices for others to follow." Michael Willoughby, Chief Executive Officer, GX Sciences™.

The Vitamin D test Microsampling kits are available now for Providers to order on the GX Sciences™ website. In addition to the Vitamin D test, there are several other highly anticipated Microsampling blood testing panels that will be released this Fall 2019. Coming soon is Thyroid testing, Neurotransmitters testing, and many more. Patients can locate where the GX Sciences™ Microsampling testing is offered by using the Provider Map on their website. Visit the GX Sciences™ website today at http://www.GXSciences.com.

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