Deck of Numerology Oracle Cards (NOC) Launches on Kickstarter

Queen of NOC hopes to raise $8000 to make the 111-Card Deck of Numerology Oracle Cards (NOC) widely available.

Online PR News – 03-October-2019 – Reynoldsburg OH – The 111-Card Deck of Numerology Oracle Cards (NOC) launches on crowd-funding site Kickstarter, featured as a Project We Love. It is the first oracle card deck to thoroughly integrate numerological concepts.

Yvonne Sullivan, the NOC deck creator, explains: "I asked myself a simple question over eight years ago to determine if it were possible to create an oracle card deck based upon the Science of Numbers (or Numerology). I considered the popularity of Tarot and oracle card decks. It became my mission to figure it out. A star was born: 111-Card Deck of Numerology Oracle Cards (NOC) or simply NOC."

The NOC deck provides insight without the need to add numbers. No years required to study Numerology. It is based upon Western Numerology (aka Pythagorean System). The NOC deck includes positive, negative, and destructive aspects of Numbers 1-9; karmic numbers; master numbers; angel numbers; and other numbers. The number of cards in the NOC deck, 111, symbolizes the act of setting intentions.

"I considered all knowledge levels when I created the NOC deck and the Kickstarter campaign," Yvonne Sullivan explained.

The Kickstarter campaign offers a range of learning tools, from a quick guide that covers the basics to an online course that teaches mastery.

A fully-funded Kickstarter campaign will also allow the Queen of NOC to hire a graphic designer to perform a lite redesign of the NOC deck. Numbers will continue to be the focal point, though. This is one of the classic features of the NOC deck.

The NOC deck complements the Tarot and other oracle decks and, therefore, can be used alongside them for additional insight. Cards in the deck also include icons to help users bridge their knowledge of other occult sciences like Astrology.

The NOC deck is destined to become a favorite.

About Queen of NOC
Queen of NOC is the trade name of Yvonne Sullivan, who is a claircognizant, numerologist, creator of the 111-Card Deck of Numerology Oracle Cards (NOC), and licensed CPA. She comes from a bloodline of gifted women. Her connection to numbers is intuitive. She has studied and applied the Science of Numbers (or Numerology) for more than a decade. She has spent over eight years using the NOC deck to provide spiritual insight to others.