Qizmat Corp. Brings Astrology to The World of Dating With Kismet.dating App

Intoducing: Kismet, meaning fate or destiny, uses a Vedic Astrology-inspired algorithm to match users based on eight dimensions of astrological compatibility.

Online PR News – 01-October-2019 – Los Angeles, CA – Today, Qizmat Corp, announced that their free dating app, Kismet, will be released this fall for Android and IOS. Using an algorithm based on Vedic Astrology's eight dimensions of compatibility, Kismet scores every match on a scale of 36 points. Beyond regular first impressions, these scores give would-be couples an idea of how they'll click before starting a conversation. Kismet app would be released for IOS phones in Fall of 2019 and it will be followed for an app for android later this year

"Our eight dimensions include ego, communication, destiny, intimacy, intellect, temperament, emotion, and health," said Guru Thapar, founder and CEO of Qizmat Corp. He continued, "By seeing how the stars align between you and your match, you'll know right away whether you'll vibe or not, which takes the guesswork out of dating. For centuries this system has been used in Eastern cultures to successfully connect couples, so we believe Kismet will streamline dating and lead to long-lasting, fulfilling relationships. We like to call it the 'The Science of Destiny.'"

Thapar went on to say, "In a world where consumers have countless dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, and Zoosk, Kismet will speak to those looking for a deeper, more cosmic connection. We expect our app to become a hub for the conscious community—those interested in horoscopes, meditation, Ayurveda, yoga, and kirtan."

So far Kismet's early adopters are primarily based on the west-side of Los Angeles, in cities such as Santa Monica and Venice, but the company plans to expand to match couples worldwide in the coming years.

Please visit https://www.Kismet.dating for screenshots and more information.