Stanley Window Care Announces Residential Pressure Washing Services

The company hopes to help homeowners improve the overall health of their homes.

Online PR News – 28-September-2019 – LAGUNA NIGUEL, California – Stanley Window Care is perhaps best known for its excellent window cleaning services but is reintroducing its pressure washing services in a bid to help homeowners keep the exteriors of their homes looking great and in good health. Homes that are left neglected commonly develop algae, moss, mold, mildew among other things on their exteriors. When left for years at a time this debris and buildup can not only harm a home but possess health hazards to people as well. Stanley Window Care seeks to help people eliminate the aforementioned problems through high-quality pressure washing services.

"A lot of homeowners seem to forget about the outside of their home when cleaning and are often surprised to learn that the accumulation of 'gunk' on their exterior surfaces can make them and their families sick. We eliminate the buildup of debris on a home's exterior surfaces with state of the art pressure washing tools and eco-friendly solutions that are far more potent that their traditional and toxic cousins." said Jerod Stanley, owner of Stanley Window Care

Stanley Window Care cares for the homes they clean the same way they do their own. The company's love and passion for what they do translates into spectacular results while the company's commitment to excellence in customer service and satisfaction is unmatched. So dedicated to its customers is Stanley Window Care that it offers a very thorough comprehensive guarantee. Any customers that find themselves dissatisfied with Stanley's work can expect them to return and redo their work and at no additional cost too.

"Some homeowners seem to balk just prior to hiring a professional pressure washer. There are a number of reasons why this happens but we strive to make doing so affordable and simple. Keeping the exterior of your home free of debris, especially that which can make your family sick, shouldn't be expensive nor something reserved only for the wealthy. Pressure washing your home eliminates allergens, bacteria, mold, etc. and in the process beautifies and restores a home's exterior as well." further added Mr. Stanley.

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About Stanley Window Care

Stanley Window Care is Orange County's most trusted window cleaning and pressure washing service. Its owners are always on site to ensure both quality of work and to foster peace of mind and confidence in its customers. Its employees consist of only those individuals who have undergone and passed rigorous background checks and those who have extensive experience in the industry.