Wunbit's Blockchain-Based Gaming Platform will revolutionize the Videogame and iGaming Industry.

Wunbit uses smart contracts that run on the Ethereum blockchain, creating a new generation of games where players can spend and earn cryptocurrency by playing.

Online PR News – 27-September-2019 – Tallinn, Harju – Wunbit OÃœ, Estonia based launched a blockchain-based gaming platform that rewards gamers and players with tokens which can be traded for fiat currencies. The platform operates on provably fair algorithms, to make gaming activities fair for users. Wunbit will make the gaming experience a safe one with transparency and security for players at its core.

Carlos Oporto, Wunbit's CEO opined:

"The iGaming and video gaming industries are attracting a lot of attention lately. The global video gaming market reached $134 billion in 2018. Projections indicate that the iGaming industry will generate more than $74 billion in 2023. But, these two industries have inherent challenges that make the market favor a small group of people and making it unfair for others."

Most video gamers are unable to earn from what they love to do. The market rewards huge game producers, eSports, and professionals. Most if not all casual gamers spend their time and money on games without producing returns. Online players are losing confidence in iGaming as many rogue platforms have made away with their funds. Many games are rigged as players cannot see the chances that they will win. When players win, some platforms may even refuse to payout.

Wunbit's blockchain-based gaming platform is transparent and fair to all players. It seeks to reward players and give adequate visibility to developers. Users can spend and earn WUN tokens by playing from a wide variety of game genres available on the platform, such as Action, Adventure, Roulette, Puzzle, RPG, Shooter, Sports, and Strategy, among others.

Wunbit leverages secure APIs to connect games to the blockchain with smart contracts which allows communication with the user's wallet in a secure and transparent way. The platform places a premium on transparency, security, and fairness, thus the use of the blockchain is a natural option.
Winnings and rewards are automatically withdrawn to players' wallets via the game's smart-contracts. Players can trade in-game rewards in the marketplace, or exchange their tokens for fiat currencies. Achievements are also very important for gamers, that's why some games on Wunbit allow users to save game-states and high-scores on the blockchain.

On Wunbit, users can play a wide variety of games that run with a provably fair algorithm. Through the games' smart contracts, players can see the probability that they will win as it is available for all to see within the blockchain.

Game developers are welcome on Wunbit to make blockchain-based games with the tools available on the platform. The platform will reward developers with the best games from time to time. This will surely encourage them to be the best professionals they can be while ensuring that their games gain proper visibility.

Private Sale will start on November 1, 2019. Be part of this revolutionary gaming platform, visit Wunbit at https://wunbit.com/

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