Simpliv to organize its first AI Summit India on 18th and 19th November at Bengaluru

Artificial Intelligence Summit for India

Online PR News – 27-September-2019 – November 18 and 19 at the Taj Vivanta, Bengaluru. – Bengaluru, September 26, 2019: Fremont, CA-based learning platform for all the areas of IT and non-IT, Simpliv, is organizing its first ever Artificial Intelligence Summit for India on November 18 and 19 at the Taj Vivanta, Bengaluru.
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As Artificial Intelligence makes advances and makes inroads into deeper areas of human activity, the time is set for making a perceptive discussion on what it entails for an IT powerhouse such as India. It is to discuss the importance of AI to various areas of business and governance that Simpliv is bringing together some of the most accomplished names in the AI arena in India.
Placing AI in context
That the world is set to embrace changes of an unimagined nature and magnitude because of the emergence of technologies such as AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT, blockchain and related ones, is beyond dispute. AI, which is at the center of these new technologies, has refashioned itself in more ways than could be imagined, having evolved in a very large way from its earlier versions of a few decades ago.
As we enter a crucial stage of development of these technologies, it is time to sit back and reflect on what it holds for our future on this planet. This perceptiveness is all the more important to economies such as India, a highly developed IT center.
How does India harness its IT strength to make strides in business using Artificial Intelligence? Towards exploring the uses of AI to this area, this two-day summit will discuss critical areas of AI that impact businesses. These include:
• Digital transformation
• AI and deep learning
• AI and cybercrime
• AI as a tool for enforcing accountability
• The various industries that could get impacted by AI
• Enterprise and process automation using AI
• AI and costumer experience
• AI's role in messaging in the advertising, marketing and healthcare and other sectors
• AI for the Cognitive Enterprise, and much more.
Elite mix of speakers
This AI Summit will explore the role, importance, potential, prospects and pitfalls of this fascinating area of computing. To facilitate perceptive understanding of these critical areas of AI, Simpliv brings together an elite collection of speakers, who have been handpicked from the industry for their accomplishments in their respective areas. These are the experts who will lend their thoughts at this AI Summit:
  Sameer Dhanrajani, Chief Strategy Officer at Fractal Analytics
  Shibsankar Das, Data Scientist @WalmartLabs | 40 Under 40 Data Scientists 2019
  Manu Chandra, Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist at FN MathLogic Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
  Sunil David, Regional Director - IoT at AT&T
  Indranath Mukherjee, AVP, Head - Strategic Analytics at AXA XL
  Srini Rengarajan, Vice President and Global Head - AI and Data Science at 3i Infotech Ltd.
  Mandar Mutalikdesai, Service Area Leader - Artificial Intelligence and Analytics at IBM
  Vidhya Veeraraghavan, Associate Vice President - Analytics at Standard Chartered Global Business Services
  Vishal Singhal, Co-Founder & AI Evangelist @CellStrat
  Aswini Vyas, Director at Digital Marketers India
  Pradeepta Mishra, Director-AI @Lymbyc
  Ram Dayal Goyal, Founder - RNS Labs
  Balakumaran Jayapal, Deputy General Manager (Principal Architect) at Panasonic India Innovation Centre
  Piyush Chowhan, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Arvind Lifestyle Brands Limited
  Krithika Surianarayanan, Vice President at Standard Chartered Bank
  Mridul Kabra, Director of Digital Marketing at Neta App
  Dr. Saurav Karmakar, Demo Session Chair at IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2019)
  Sivesh Kumar, Founder & CEO StartUp Monk
  Praveen Srivatsa, Director at Asthrasoft Consulting
Day 1:
Inauguration of the Summit
 How AI can help with Digital Transformation: Sameer Dhanrajani
 AI and Deep Learning - The drivers of digital transformation: Shibsankar Das/ Manu Chandra
 AI for the workplace: Vidhya Veeraraghavan
 AI for your business - Use of AI for different industries: Indranath Mukherjee - Insurance Industry/ Srini Rengarajan - Software Industry
 AI as a means to powering transparency and accountability: Mandar Mutalikdesai
 Impact of AI on cybersecurity: Sunil David
 How to fulfill Enterprise AI: Vishal Singhal
 Process Automation and AI: Aswini Vyas
 Cognitive Enterprise - Cognitive Automation (CA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Pradeepta Mishra
 Promotion/Networking
Day 2:
 AI integration and customer experience: Ram Dayal Goyal
 Use of AI in the retail and e-commerce industries: Balakumaran Jayapal/ Piyush Chowhan
 Leveraging the voice driven world for business growth: Krithika Surianarayanan
 Chatbot effectiveness for better business: Snehal
 Role of Digital Assistants in customer relationship management: Dr. Saurav Karmakar
 Role of Digital Assistants in customer relationship management (Continued..): Alok Rajasukumaran
 Conversation AI - Changing landscape of Human Interaction: Hasit Trivedi
 Improving marketing and advertising effectiveness through AI: Sivesh Kumar
 Revolution in healthcare through AI and Big Data: Praveen Srivastava
 Digital Marketing and AI: Mridul Kabra
 Promotion/ Networking
In all, this is going to be pleasant and meaningful interaction between industry experts and enthusiasts who want to explore more ways by which AI can impact their businesses.
As the student population continues to grow in India-it is estimated at over 300 million-this summit will also present them a chance seek answers to questions such as whether they have the aptitude to make AI a career, what to look for, how to grow in this profession once they enter it, and so on.