Techradius Adding New Technologies In Website Development Service

These are 3 technology or framework Technradius is updating in their website development service for now. In the future soon they might add some more.

Online PR News – 26-September-2019 – Jaipur, Rajasthan – Summary: To keep surviving a company need to stay updated with the new trends of technology. The Techradius is happy to announce that they are making amazing progress in this short interval and is planning to add more technology to its skillset. This will help it in becoming more better Website Development Service Company in India.
Survival and growth need adaptation and if you are in the IT industry you have to keep yourself aware of the new technology and methodologies. This is the only way a company can make itself different from others. This is the same Techradius is keep doing by keep updating their technologies. Today, they are happy to announce we are adding AI and Motion UI to our web development technology.
Technology Thinking for Adopting:
Techradius has been serving the IT industry for the last 3 years and they have since adapted all the technology that came handy or have proven its future to them. Techradius is already been working on Wordpress, HTML5, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Magento, and many more. But as the global competition is rising they are now adding some extra technology that will come in handy to keep us ahead of our competitors. Those technologies are:
AI or Bots
Progressive Web App
Motion UI
AI or Bots:
A website having Bots and AI is going to be an amazing trend in the future. Current bots are only set to reply 3 or 4 fixed messages to the customer, later on, a human operator takes over that chat. With AI communication with the human will be easy and less hectic. AI will talk to the customer, make a report and will submit to you.
Progressive Web App:
If you are planning to improve your UI and give customer amazing experience then the progressive web app(PWA) helps you in achieving that. It helps you with getting rid off cache issues. As it is served by HTTP to avert content snooping and data tampering.
Motion UI:
Dynamic graphics and amazing animation always have their upped hand in attracting a user and keep it on the website. This is the way a developer shows how good he is at connecting to its users and show his skills to showcase a visual story. Motion UI also does not require a solid foundation of JavaScript or JQuery library.
These are 3 technology or framework Technradius is updating in their website development service for now. In the future soon they might add some more. If you are looking for a website development company from India to make some amazing websites for you then they are my recommendation to you.
About Techradius:
Techradius Hitech Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian originated company that started its journey on July 01, 2016. Since then our team working smart and hard to rise and shine into the IT industry and their dedication paid off in just 3 years. In 3 we have done hundreds of projects, grown our family strength and expanded our offices in several places. Yes, in just 3 years, we have spread ourselves in India (Head office), Australia, United Kingdom, and Dubai.