Taylor UK puts consistently divine coffee in your cup with La Cimbali's S20 range

Taylor UK launches La Cimbali's S20 range of automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines.

Online PR News – 25-September-2019 – Norwich, Norfolk – High quality coffee is in big demand, with consistency the most important ingredient, other than the beans! Taylor UK has discovered a way of ensuring that both bases are well covered by launching La Cimbali's S20 range of automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines. With models capable of producing 200 cups of top notch coffee a day, from a menu of drinks, the combination of a user-friendly interface, an integrated Wi-Fi system and a preheated completely metal group head guarantee quality output.

Taking inspiration from the classic espresso machine aesthetic and adding an injection of market leading technology, La Cimbali's S20 models, the CS11 Super Automatic bean-to-cup machine and TS4 Semi-Automatic machine, bring visual pleasure for both operators and customers. They also add a new dimension of accessibility for operators, and provide the reassurance of maximum hygiene with an automated cleaning system.

A seven inch touchscreen display takes centre stage for the S20 models, offering an immediate illustration of what the appliances can do. A built-in soluble hot chocolate system offers up to 24 different drink options alongside two hot water selections that can be programmed into each machine. The accompanying images for the selection can be showcased on-screen, making it easy for the operator to select the correct beverage, and to provide customers with a visual guide of the products on offer. For more personalisation, different colours for the interface and different screen savers can be chosen.

The S20 models can be remotely monitored via an integrated bi-directional Wi-Fi system. This makes updating software, setting recipes and customising background images simple and intuitive. Unnecessary downtime can also be prevented by remote monitoring, which makes it possible to ensure maintenance and cleaning tasks are completed correctly. Settings can also be uploaded manually by USB stick.

The super-automatic attributes of the S20-CS11 are ensured by a pre-heated, metal group head, which guarantees consistent extraction, even with single origin and specialty coffee.

The S20-TS4 semi-automatic machine adds a further dimension to customer choice and user-friendly interface with its fully automatic Turbosteam milk wand, which has four different milk programs. Operator safety is assured with the Turbo Steam Cold Touch coating on the milk wand - an insulating, non-stick material. This keeps the outer surface of the wand cool to the touch before, during and after steaming. As a result, it is easy to clean and the non-stick surface prevents milk residue sticking to it.

Daily washing cycles are managed by the Automatic Washing System (AWS). This built-in application provides thorough, efficient cleaning, ensuring maximum hygiene with just one touch.

The La Cimbali S20 package, available through Taylor UK for both models, includes full onsite service, installation and training, and a preventative maintenance visit at the end of year one. The S20-CS11 is also accompanied with an 8 litre black milk fridge that is located to left of the appliance.

Including the black milk fridge, the S20-CS11's footprint measures 762mm high by 630mm wide by 620mm deep. The S20-TS4 is 762mm high by 370mm wide and 620mm deep.

The La Cimbali S20 range is available from Taylor UK approved distributors.

Taylor UK is part of the Hubbard Taylor Group (HTG Trading Ltd) and is the exclusive distributor of the Taylor, Frigomat, Prática and Quality Fry ranges in the UK, and a preferred supplier of ISA and TurboChef equipment. Taylor UK distributes via dealers nationwide and has over 45 years experience in sales, product development, distribution, service and aftercare specific to the UK marketplace. For more information and details of local stockists, freephone Taylor UK on 0800 838 896, call 01473 350000, email sales@taylor-company.co.uk or visit www.taylor-company.co.uk

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La Cimbali S20 Product Launch- Sep-19
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