Record fishing with a catfish of 2m74 in Gaillac on the tarn (France)

hey come from far away to fish for catfish in the Tarn. to many, they rent a fishing lodge for several days.

Online PR News – 24-September-2019 – Gaillac, france – they come from far away to fish for catfish in the Tarn. to many, they rent a fishing lodge for several days. Fishing with small fish to have prey, water bubbles on the surface to attract the mastodon of fresh water, echosounder to see it in approach ... They do not skimp on the means to track down this omnivorous fish with dimensions often very impressive. "We're looking for him, we're looking for him and we're going to look for him for a long time, I think," smiled Mickaël, "but we give ourselves the means to find him." At first, it's hunting and then, I think it's sport because there are several hours of fighting ", to get out of the Tarnese waters the biggest fish ever out of 2m74 in Brens, near the Chalets de Fiolles.
This catch will soon be around the world. Jean-Christophe Conéjéro has released from the waters of the Tarn a monster of 2.74 meters. A catch recorded by bailiff, because this catfish is the largest ever caught in the world.
"It's a big stroke of luck! That's how Jean-Christophe Conéjéro qualifies this exceptional line shot. "It's the fish of a lifetime! It's almost a shame for me, I'm having trouble finding another goal, "he laughs. Here is his story, "I left alone, in float-tube, in the middle of the afternoon. I was fishing with Canadian worms and squid, "says the 33-year-old passionate. "I saw the fish on the echo sounder. I clunked three shots and he followed the editing. Wiping a first refusal, Jean-Christophe persevered with his "clonck". A wooden handle that has the ability to excite the catfish. "I saw that he was stagnating behind my bait and then he came back down. I cloncked again, but eight times! It was at this moment that the giant finally climbed between two waters, to seize the bait.
"I had the wire in my hand. When I shod, I felt a very discreet touch. At first, I thought it was no more than 1.60 meters. Yet, I took hundreds! "
A few minutes later, the disciple of St. Peter understood that he was dealing with a monster. "It was a crazy fight, all in power. The fish literally towed me. The Tarn is a hundred meters wide at this place and it made me cross the river twice! At the last moment, I was almost ejected from my float-tube on a final acceleration. Fortunately I could loosen my brakes and get out of it, but it could have cost me a lot! "

"Fishing catfish 2.50 meters long in the Tarn, it became common, but not 2.74 meters," recognizes Jean-Christophe Conéjéro. Professional fishing instructors welcome people from all over the world who come to fish for unconventional fish, which are more and more numerous to spawn in the Southwest rivers.
And if they are so big, it's also because sport fishermen do not eat them but release them after each catch (and the inevitable selfies !!!!
Arrived on the surface of the water, Jean-Christophe understood that he was holding an exceptional fish, without really thinking about the record. "I understood that it was big but not so much. I made all my phone book to contact a friend to help me. On the shore, we made a quick measurement and we quickly saw that it was over 2.70 meters. So we immediately called a bailiff for probate, while keeping the fish in the water, not to spoil it.
Once there, the bailiff found the size of this gigantic catfish that measured 2.74 meters. That's 1 cm more than the previous world record, caught in 2015 in the Petit Rhône. " I still have shivers ! I had an indescribable adrenaline rush. He brought me to the point of physical breakdown. It's really the fish of a lifetime. After a short photo shoot, the catfish regained its element in good health. "There are very few studies that have been done about it, but this specimen is probably about fifty years old."
Marked by this fierce fight, Jean-Christophe took a little time before recovering. "I had a lot of back pain for several days. I could not even stoop to kiss my daughter! "
World record in his pocket, he is already dreaming of taking an even larger specimen. "When you hear about legendary fish, it's hard to believe it. But when we fall on it, we are obliged. If I got the fish approved, it's not for my sponsor (Zeck Fishing), but for the scientific side. In the years to come, I think we will take even bigger, "concludes the happy fisherman. Chalets de fiolles is a campsite located on the banks of the river with record catfish,

Record fishing with a catfish of 2m74 in Gaillac on the tarn (France)