Hodusoft Announce Voice Broadcasting Software With Tenantwise Balance Feature for Service Providers

Hodusoft's multi-tenant voice broadcasting software is tailor made for service providers to offer SMS and voice broadcasting software.

Online PR News – 23-September-2019 – texas – Hodusoft, a division of global VoIP tech leaders Ecosmob, announced voice broadcasting software with tenant-wise balance feature. This is primarily aimed at service providers who can then offer broadcasting as a service to business enterprises and resellers across the world. This introduction is in line with their business policy of offering products that bring value addition to ITSPs and service providers. Business enterprises will find it is a fine marketing tool. Hodusoft's SMS and voice broadcasting solution complements its conferencing solutions, IP PBX, call center solutions and class 4 softswitch. 

Hodusoft's voice and SMS broadcast software has a complete set of technical features. What will interest service providers is the tenantwise SMS balance feature. Service providers as well as customers can use this feature to know the current balance and top up in order to assure continuity. Service providers can view balance and configure the software to send out a reminder to customers to add credit. Apart from viewing balance, the administrator can view complete account details of each tenant, identify usage patterns and derive statistics if so desired. 

Apart from this very useful feature, Hodusoft's SMS  and voice broadcasting software also includes multi-lingual support, multi-level interactive voice response, trunk management and call routing. It is possible to monitor campaigns in real time and generate reports. Tenants can manage leads and campaigns and schedule broadcasts. When tied to the CRM, they can use existing database of contacts to send out country-specific SMS or region specific broadcasts at pre-determined times. These and other features make it the most rounded broadcasting solution available in the market and that too at competitive rates. 

SMS and voice broadcast proves highly effective since the message goes directly to the target's phone. It is cheaper than hiring call centers or agents to conduct campaigns since the software has automation to run campaigns and record activity for review and analytics at any time. 

Apart from the tenant-wise SMS balance feature, this software also includes IVR automated survey and manual survey for even greater interaction with customers as well as for lead generation. Service providers can offer voice broadcasting as a service to various industry verticals such as travel, retail, government, marketing, banking, education, healthcare and transportation. One server can manage over 1000 concurrent calls and thousands of SMS can be broadcast in just a few minutes. Governments can use this to reach out in cases of natural events and sales divisions can use this feature to target leads, especially during festive times when people are on a buying spree. 

Service providers interested in adding Hodusoft's voice broadcast software to their portfolio of services may get in touch on phone 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or chat live on http://hodusoft.com/broadcasting-software/. 

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12790297-hodusoft-announce-voice-broadcasting-software-with-tenantwise-balance-feature-for-service-providers.html