Epic Globes LLC Launches Oxy-Angel: A Wearable Air Ionizer For Healthier Living

Epic Globes LLC is committed to be every person's partner in bringing quality air. Oxy- Angel is wearable technology that can act like an invisible shield.

Online PR News – 20-September-2019 – Dover Delaware – Delaware - SEPTEMBER 2019 -- Epic Globes LLC announces the launch of the newest and most advanced wearable tech today: the Oxy-Angel, a portable and personal air purifier that you can wear as a necklace and bring wherever you go.

Everyday, we are exposed to heavy air pollution and allergens, and Oxy-Angel's purpose is to purify the air we breathe wherever we may be. It uses ionization to fend off dust, germs, pollen, odors, and other pollutants that are as small as 2.5PM

Oxy-Angel is a wearable tech that acts like it creates an invisible shield around you as it cleans the air you breathe, releasing negative ions that's good for our health.

For years now, scientists have proved that negative ions found on the mountains, oceans and seas have great effects for our health. It improves oxygen circulation to our bloodstream, making our bodies healthy, as it strengthens our immune system.

Similar to the purpose of the air purifiers most Americans own in their homes, Oxy-Angel packs the same power of air purification and ionization to keep your personal space free from radicals as you breathe cleaner air while you're on the move.

Lester Ng, CEO of Epic Globes LLC says: Now you can bring the power of your air purifiers at home wherever you go with Oxy-Angel. Cleaning the air you breath, for a healthier you!

Oxy-Angel comes in three color variants: Pearl White, Indigo Blue and Rose Pink. Powered by a high quality Lithium Battery, your portable air purifier ensures your protection for 30 hours straight even with only an-hour charge.

For more information about the health benefits of Negative Ions and our product, visit www.oxy-angel.com