FGREALTY Considers That The New Regulations In Qatar Are To Transform The Real Estate Market

Real estate in Qatar has become an investment opportunity as the government implemented legislative modifications in 2019 in order to attract foreign investors.

Online PR News – 12-September-2019 – Doha, Qatar – Already a rich and safe country in Arabian Peninsula, Qatar is the next opportunity market for real estate investors due to these new regulations. There are 8 arguments to support this forecast.

More freehold areas in Qatar

In March 2019, the Government implemented Law No. 16 of 2018 on the regulation of non-Qatari ownership and utilization of real estate, which stipulates 10 strategic freehold ownership. The areas under this decision are: Rawadat Al-Jahaniyah, Qatifiya West Bay, the Pearl area, the Al Khor Resort, the Al Qasar area, Al Dafna, Onaiza, Al Wasil, Khraij, Jabal and Thaileb. All these zones ensure a superior ROI when buying a property in Qatar.

Permanent residency for buying a property in Qatar

In order to encourage investment in real estate in Qatar, the government gives permanent residency for foreigners that buy properties worth over 200.000 USD in one of the above mentioned free-hold areas.

As a referral, apartments for sale in Qatar start from around 165.000 USD. The 200.000 USD is a price for a decent studio apartment within free-hold areas.

Simple ownership transfer

Unlike other European or American countries, the procedure of purchasing a property in Qatar, low bureaucracy. The buyer is requested only to have a valid ID or passport.

The only costs that the buyer support are the real estate brokerage fee, up to 3%, and transfer fee of 1.25 % from the property value.

Ownership Tax Free

In Qatar there are no taxes for ownership, unlike the rest of the world. On long term perspective, this is a major argument to own a property in Qatar.

FIFA Worldcup in 2022 in Qatar

Qatar is the host for the FIFA World Cup in 2022 championship and the government is preparing to set ready the 200.000 inhabitants Lusail, a brand new city with amazing infrastructure. Beyond the booming tourism during the competition, experts expect an increase in local tourism and also in property prices.

5 % to 10 % ROI when investing in a property in Qatar

Real estate is a safe investment, as ROI for properties in the peninsular country is 5-10 %. The vast majority of properties for sale in Qatar are designed to suit international owners' taste and comfort, this gives the owner the flexibility in reselling it.

Amazing new, luxurious apartments for rent in Qatar

In case of buying is not an option, for foreigners intending to work in Qatar there an ample variation of properties for rent. The buildings are new, constructed at the highest standards of safety and refinement.
Modern Infrastructure

As Qatar is a new country, it also benefits of modern infrastructure, adapted to the era. Highways, streets, the internet, energy supply are at the highest standard and build with consideration to safety.

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