Turning Pain into Peace, Grief into Love Peace Rally for the International Day of Peace

A peace rally that begins at 3:30 pm with meditation, a peace panel, and a "Mandalas for Hope" art show to benefit Everytown, Greenpeace and BeLoved AVL

Online PR News – 07-September-2019 – Asheville, NC – On Sept. 21, Cynthia Calhoun will hold a peace rally at Rainbow Community Center, 60 State St., Asheville, NC, for the International Day of Peace in honor of her aunt in the El Paso shooting and all victims of gun violence.

The rally begins on the courtyard at 3:30 pm with an introduction to "Love and Kindness" and "Heart Breath" meditations, both of which create an atmosphere of peace and have many physical benefits. These secular meditations will be followed by a speech from Cynthia about the story of finding out about her aunt in the El Paso shooting and how she decided to turn her pain and grief into a message of spreading peace and love. At 4:30 pm, Cynthia will moderate a peace panel. Panelists include Ponkho Bermejo (co-director of BeLoved Asheville), Leslie Boyd (health activist and involved in the Poor People's Campaign), Amy Jablonski (candidate running for NC Superintendent of Public Instruction), Kathy Kelly (peace activist, and a co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence), and The Venerable Pannavati (co-director of Heartwood Refuge). At 5:45 pm, the "Mandalas for Hope" artist reception and show will begin, featuring mandalas by Cynthia and members of Rainbow Community School for sale. 100% of proceeds will benefit Everytown Fund, GreenPeace, and BeLoved Asheville.

Cynthia chose meditation, a peace panel, and an art show for her rally because they all relate to peace. She is a meditation teacher who has discovered the power of silence to find insights, and to teach others to find peace within themselves. In addition, she wanted to bring different people together to discuss their vision of peace and how to create a better world. Cynthia has a practice of creating mandalas and by donating them to raise money for good causes through the peace rally, she aims to help promote more unity and peace. Cynthia's message is to "use the power of going within to become your best self in service to the world."

Cynthia is a certified meditation teacher and digital marketer. She was inspired to do a peace rally on the International Day of Peace to stand for unity and love, to bring people together in meditation, to talk about peace, and to raise funds for three organizations: Everytown, which works to reduce gun violence, Greenpeace, that strives to create a greener, healthier world, and BeLoved Asheville, a non-profit working to better the lives of people in Western North Carolina through love and justice. The peace rally is free and open to the public and will take place outside, on the courtyard of Rainbow Community Center.