Home Delivery of Your Grilling Propane Tanks is Finally Here!

Use the PROMO CODE ItsLitAmerica at checkout to receive your first propane tank exchange, delivered to your doorstep, for only $10 for first time customers.

Online PR News – 03-September-2019 – King of Prussia, PA – Home Delivery of Your Grilling Propane Tanks is Finally Here! Cynch Will Deliver Your First Propane Tank to Your Doorstep for only $10!

Remember when you had to scramble to refill your propane tanks in the middle of grilling dinner? Finally, there's a service that will keep your grill going all year long and you'll never run out! AmeriGas, your trusted propane company, has created Cynch, their new home delivery service! And the response in the Philadelphia community has been overwhelming! Cynch Propane Delivery Service has an exciting offer for first-time customers. They will deliver your first-tank exchange (they exchange any brand) for only $10 using the code ItsLitAmerica.

Let's be frank. Returning a tank to your local hardware store is one of the most annoying chores. All too frequently, we find ourselves scrambling to put the dirty, grimy tank in thet backseat of our car…or even worse, the trunk, and hearing it roll around the entire drive to the hardware store.
Thanks to Cynch Propane Tank Home Delivery, you won't have to worry about this again!
Cynch Propane Tank Home Delivery is now available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and very soon, Phoenix! Again, for a limited time for first-time customerss, Cynch will pick up your old tank (any brand) and drop off a new propane tank for just $10*, when you use promo code "ItsLitAmerica" at checkout. That's right it is only $10* for your first tank-exchange at Cynch. So stop glaring at that old, used tank sitting under your gril! Visti Cynch.Com to redeem your first tank, delivered to the doorstep, for just $10*!
Finally, at Cynch, their mission is to make your life less difficult by using presenting a trusted, dependable, and safe propane tank home delivery service. Cynch is a service which could make lifestyles simpler, letting us do the heavy lifting by deliverying your new propane tank directly to your door!

For those of you looking to take advantage of this new services created by AmeriGas, go to Cynch.Com, pick out your delivery date, leave your used tank out front, and one of Cynch's loyal, trusted drivers will deliver a new tank directly to your doorstep. It's as easy as that. And for a limited time, for first-time clients, it is just $10*, using the promo code "ItsLitAmerica" right now!
It's now a Cynch to get your propane tank introduced to the doorstep! Let Cynch fuel your fun all year long!
Happy Grilling, everyone!
*Limited Time Offer-- Certain policy applies. Visit the site at https://www.cynch.com/ for more information. Cynch tanks include 15 lbs. Of propane. Offer valid in certain zip codes inside the Philadelphia metropolitan region, New Jersey, and Phoenix