Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle Report Publishes new List for Lifestyle and Fashion Bloggers

Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle Report releases list of websites, tools, software, and apps for lifestyle and fashion bloggers. In her latest blog post round- up

Online PR News – 03-September-2019 – Sacramento, CA – Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle Report releases a complete list of websites, tools, software, and apps for lifestyle and fashion bloggers. In here latest blog post round- up she lists 15 tools with an optin, option to download a list of 37 websites, tools, software and apps.

List downloads are great tools for bloggers to manage their day-to-day tools, websites, software and apps they use on a daily basis to produce great content on their blog and on social media. Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle Report lists the exact social media and digital download tools the blog uses for social sharing and content management. On blogger, CynthiaCrosby's, spreadsheet list, she mentions fashion, lifestyle, and travel tools unique to fashion and lifestyle bloggers including Visitors Coverage trip insurance, and Kate Aspen wedding favors website.

Cynthia Crosby is a new blogger, so showcasing her list is a good way for her to show good faith as a blogger, and to share with visitors behind the scenes of Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle Report, a lifestyle blog, featuring fashion, blogging, business, and lifestyle content.

There are a lot of great websites, tools, and software featured in the list, Cynthia Crosby uses Sellfy to sell digital downloads on her blog, and manages her website content with a Crowdfire. Just to name a few tools used by the blogger and featured in her list.

Visitors can download the list spreadsheet immediately after subscribing to her list at the click of the subscribe button. The list features 37 unique travel, lifestyle, and business services tools, websites, software, and apps, featured by the blogger of Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle Report.

The list can be used to manage your blog and lifestyle content, trips, and everyday activities whether you are a blogger or solopreneur there is an app, tool, website, or software for everyone.

Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle Report rebranded in 2018-2019 and was created by blogger, influencer, and lifestyle entrepreneur Cynthia Crosby. Her blog features lifestyle, travel, fashion, and business content, in her tone of voice, classic, whimsical, and with a lot of brevity.