Hempure CBD Launches Extensive CBD Tincture Guide

Hempure CBD's newly released CBD Tincture Guide has all the information you should know before you try CBD drops.

In an industry rife with misinformation we think it's exceptionally important to provide credible knowledge.

Online PR News – 30-August-2019 – Ashland, Oregon – CBD tinctures - also known as CBD drops - are understandably popular because they're so versatile. However, most people taking CBD drops don't know that the many different ways of taking CBD tinctures can sometimes produce very different results. It is with the motive to educate both novices and seasoned CBD users that Oregon-based Hempure CBD has launched a CBD Tincture Guide.

Hempure founder Sabina King says that since most traditional supplements are in the form of capsules or pills, CBD drops can be poorly understood. "There aren't too many ways that you can experiment with capsules. CBD drops, on the other hand, can be taken under the tongue, mixed in with a drink, or added to food." King believes that users should feel free to choose the method of ingestion they prefer, but the choice must be made with an understanding of the mechanism of each method.

In the CBD Tincture Guide, one can expect to find information about what a tincture contains, different bioavailability rates for different methods of consumption, and finally, the benefits you can expect from regular use.

The research-based guide contains a plethora of information and follows in the footsteps of the popular Hempure CBD Dosage Guide that was launched a month prior and gives dosing instructions that apply to capsules, CBD vape oil, tinctures and more. One of the company's missions is to lead with education over marketing gimmicks. "In an industry rife with misinformation, we think it's exceptionally important to provide credible knowledge so that customers can make the best decision for themselves, and not follow what's best for a brand."

So if you're looking to try CBD, or just interested in knowing more, check out the Hempure CBD Tincture Guide at http://www.hempurecbd.com/cbd-tincture-guide/

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