Innomaint CMMS Software Features That Enhance User Experience

Innomaint CMMS Software recently released a new software features.

Online PR News – 30-August-2019 – Chennai, Tamil nadu – Innomaint CMMS recently released a new version of software features. Feature Enrichments that equip InnoMaint Asset Maintenance Software & Field Service Management Software to enhance the maintenance operations further resulting in consistency of safety, quality & customer satisfaction.

Bulk upload enhancement is to help the user to upload their configuration base data through this option. The template has a FAQ sheet which will help the user to fill the data sheet and the data sheet has list option to select pre defined values. This upload covers

Location can be added as multi location/multi site and department within the industry location.

Asset /equipment details can be configured also the system can add the measuring equipment also.

Asset with Serial Number (With Location & Department) - Assets can be added by manufacturer, category, sub categorize and model. Every Asset can have multiple serial number of individual assets.

Schedule Bulk Upload - Planned preventive maintenance activity /schedule can be configured through the schedule upload.

Inventory Spare Management - Spare parts can be added for the industry as needed, it can be grouped by category and also specific spares suitable for only some model/manufacturer can be configured.

Users can be added part of the bulk upload for the service agency flow and user equipment flow. Users can be configured as a Global user or Local user. For Engineers system allows to configure as Employee or Contractor Options.

Customers can be added through this bulk upload for Service agency flow.

All the Bulk upload templates has been changed for better usability with FAQ sheets, List & Color Codes.

Edit & Delete Options

Edit option provided for Assets, Serial numbers, Schedule, Location, User & Contractors.

Delete option provided for Assets, Serial numbers, Schedule, Location, User & Contractors.

Delete can happen only when there is no Task assigned/in-progress for the Asset/User/ Location etc.

Proper error messages provided, If the Delete option not working scenario.

Email Consolidation - System will send a consolidation task / allocation report for the current day every day morning and also it sends the consolidated status / completion report notification as email.

Spare Parts Categorization - Spare parts can be grouped as Mechanical Spare, Electrical Spare etc based on the customer needs.

System allows special characters as a input in all the pages which will support to add multi language as input. User can enter values in their own languages.

Task report will have service engineer name, location to give better clarity.

The Schedule transaction summary report has been updated with - Total No.Of Schedules, Auto Canceled column.

Depart has been updated for applicable reports to segregate the activity by department wise.

All the application Labels has been configured as per the customer needs based on their industry standards and their own language.

In the Summary report total defect type has been introduced.

Transaction summary report has been updated with Pie chart and summary Details. This can be export as PDF and Excel for the reference and it can be shared by email. PDF report can be printed as a hard copy and store it for the audit reference.

About Innomaint : InnoMaint CMMS is a cloud-based maintenance management software that Monitor, Measure and Manage all the maintenance activities associated with facility equipment, service technicians, and execution of the workforce from anywhere, at anytime through web and mobile application.