Ecosmob Announced Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitch Development Services for VoIP Service Providers

Ecosmob announced next-gen class 4/5 softswitches for VoIP Service providers to help them meet emerging demands and manage voluminous traffic with no issues.

Online PR News – 29-August-2019 – Denver, CO – Ecosmob, specialists in VoIP technologies with clientele in 20 countries across the world, announced class 4 and class 5 softswitch development services for new and existing VoIP service providers. There are dozens of service providers who still persist with legacy class 4 softswitch or class 5 softswitch. The earlier models never had the capacity to handle the logarithmic increase in traffic we witness today nor anticipated the variety of traffic by way of chats, video calls and voice calls plus data all from within the network. The rise of WebRTC has certainly added to the need to have better class 4 and class 5 softswitches. It is a necessity to keep existing customers happy and to rope in new customers. The chairman stated the foregoing during the launch.

As matters stand, class 4 softswitch and class 5 softswitch are part of standard offerings from Ecosmob since a couple of years. Service providers are free to opt for either of the two or both if they are happy with a standard set of features. However, VoIP service providers that need specialized features like capacity to handle more calls, white label solutions, exceptional least cost routing and high traffic throughput with load balancing in class 4 or ability to drill down to the individual retail home customer with class 5 softswitch will find our tailored development services the right choice.

Customization is specifically advisable in the matter of billing that can form part of class 5 softswitch solution. Instead of a separate billing module Ecosmob recommends VoIP service providers wishing to serve the retail end go in for integrated billing. It will help them to better manage everyone down the chain and keep track of usage as well as revenues generated at any given moment.

Ecosmob is the preferred partner of VoIP service providers looking for enterprise grade robust softswitches that keep ticking regardless of load and scale up easily when required. The company and its team of softswitch developers is working on including better security aspects, some or most of which are usually handled by a session border controller. Media rules and our softswitches will handle anything and everything with effortless ease. Ecosmob's current iteration of class 4/5 softswitches are a far cry from the earlier versions and it offers full support and upgrade path to VoIP customers who opt for class 4/5 softswitch development services. One reason why we have gained such acceleration is due to our strong support ethics philosophy and it continues, concluded the VP.

VoIP Service providers wishing to get tailored class 4/5 softswitch solutions may get in touch with Ecosmob on phone 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or chat live on