Living Full Out Radio Show: Learn How To Be in the Moment

Nancy talks with Donna Wiegle about her battle with cervical cancer. Nancy offers advice on how to positively live in the present and continue to live full out.

Online PR News – 28-August-2019 – Huntington Beach, California – On Saturday, August 31st, The Living Full Out show will discuss methods and techniques to live in the moment. This week's inspirational guest Donna Wiegle, received a diagnosis for ovarian cancer after already overcoming Cervical cancer earlier in her life. Donna will share how she has learned how to live in the moment knowing she has only a few years left. Host Nancy Solari will offer ad-vice to callers on how to positively live in the present.
Donna Wiegle received a diagnosis for ovarian cancer as well as a 5 year prog-nosis. She stopped chemo after her cancer was found to be chemo-resistant and after developing an intense case of neuropathy. She then decided to live her life the way she wanted regardless of how much time she has. She has ded-icated herself to help those who have a short time left and have no choice on how to pass, and started an organization called Maine Death with Dignity. This foundation advocates for laws about death with dignity statute. She also is founder of Eldercare Outreach of Swan's Island, which is a healthcare provider where she lives. Donna has been taking advantage of her time left and does things she loves such as riding her motorcycle across the country, spreading awareness for ovarian cancer.

The Living Full Out radio show, hosted by Nancy Solari, provides inspirational sto-ries, valuable advice, and the opportunity to hear real-life scenarios experi-enced by every-day people. As a certified business and life coach, Nancy an-swers questions from callers seeking professional guidance on overcoming ad-versities. Nancy shows callers how to tackle their challenges head-on through effective communication, balance, mutual understanding and a positive atti-tude.

Nancy Solari was sixteen years old when she was diagnosed with retinitis pig-mentosa and has experienced progressive vision loss over the years. Despite her prognosis, she was resilient in creating a vision for her future and determined to live with purpose and follow her dreams. Today, Nancy hosts the national Liv-ing Full Out show and is an inspiring example of creating a successful life through determination and positivity. Nancy believes everyone is capable of overcom-ing difficulties and living full out.

This week, the show is taking callers looking for guidance on living in the mo-ment. Life coach Nancy Solari will offer advice and help listeners who may have similar questions. To ask their questions, listeners should call in during the show at 1pm-2pm CST (2-3pm EST) at the call number (800) 333-0001.

Tune in on Saturday, August 31th at 1 pm CST (2 pm EST) to hear personal stories from Donna Wiegle and fellow listeners and discover how to be in the present.
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