Businesses Betting On Wellness As CBD Products Demand Skyrockets

The interest and number of uses for Cannabidiol or CBD as it is known to consumers is growing as fast as the hemp plants it comes from.

Online PR News – 28-August-2019 – West Palm Beach FL – Likely the biggest business growth sector since the Microsoft Windows 95 days CBD appears to many analysts to be the Tide that can lift all boats and stimulate the economy. Depending on which research you view the market for CBD products is expected to be between sixteen and 25 billion dollars in the next five years. The explosive growth in cannabis and hemp farms and ultimately the cbd products industry. One ex Wall street banker referred to the cannabis industry as a generational wealth creation tool.

Whether taken in pill form liquid tinctures balms and lotions or even via vaping and soon edibles format CBD is said to be the cure for many things including stress anxiety pain relief sleep issues arthritis and many other ailments currently treated with prescription medicines.

All these predictions may be true but the measure of success and profitability for any specific company may be as simple as the brand name they choose. This according to Scott Brady Alliy founder and CEO of an established digital branding agency.

The issue and the opportunity says Scott is that while people may hear a lot of noise and chatter about the great benefits to be had from using CBD products most consumers do not have the available knowledge and education to decide which product is better than another and which is the right answer for their problem.

Consumer trust and confidence are key in a new market and "nothing evokes emotions and creates trust and confidence like a strong relevant brand" says Scott

We tell clients that their product brands are like athletes competing with other teams for consumer attention on store shelves . Certainly you would want to put your best team on the floor or field if you wanted to win the game says Scott. Your best player is the brand on your product. Brands his company offers like glucanna allercanna or cardiocanna to name a few of the more than 1800 brand names available at Meaningful memorable and easy to share brand names that tell consumers exactly what your product is and what problems it solves.

Having a great brand name on the shelve that grabs consumers attention like a magnet and evokes emotions of wellness happiness and peace is terrific says Scott but complete branding especially in the digital age extends to the internet as well.

This is why Scott and his team of digital brand experts recommend that businesses who want to seriously compete in the budding cannabis hemp and cbd marketplace extend the value of their efforts by developing a supporting website containing fact figures product info and education and online ordering capability and also a way for customers to contact your company with questions about your products.

In todays world many people find a product on the shelve and immediately search the net for reviews and product information. By owning the matching .com of your product brand you make it easy and convenient for consumers to go right to the source for the information and education they need to make an informed buying decision.

In addition if your product brand with matching .com domain name and website is memorable and relevant consumers will easily be able to remember and will share your website url with friends associates and social media followers providing even more interest and sales of your products at no cost to your business.
On their website BrandsTek lists the ten most important reasons to own your own domain name. Perhaps the most important reason of all especially with the projected size of the cannabis hemp and cbd market space is that .com domains are unique one-of-a-kind assets and only one company in the global marketplace can own that name.

This is why Scott urges entrepreneurs startup business founders and existing business owners and managers If you have a brand name for your current or future planned products acquire and secure your investment with the matching .com domain now. And if the .com of the brand you are considering is already owned by another active business in the space then by all means choose a different brand for your product. If you don't acquire the .com of your product brand and another company or competitor owns the .com matching that brand the harder you work and the more you spend to promote your product the more your efforts will yield in sales and profits for your competitor.

For more information or to search an inventory of high quality cannabis hemp and cbd business and product brand names or for help choosing or buying a premium .com domain name for your business or product please visit

Our company owners have over 30 years marketing experience including 24 years brand marketing and startup business development marketing and operations. We are constantly educating ourselves beta testing new strategies and developing and applying marketing best practices to meet the challenges and capture the opportunities of today's digital business world. We believe strongly in the power and value of a great brand and tell our clients "If they can't remember your name Nothing Else Matters".

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