Jyotish Mahasagar Award to Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji - Newest Jewel to His Shining Crown

Winning accolades or awards from time to time offers exaltation and cherished satisfaction to any celebrity.

Online PR News – 24-August-2019 – Delhi, Delhi – Well-based in Chandigarh, and often found on tours to countries worldwide, veteran and ingenious astrologer Ankit Sharma is at present, one of the highly renowned and relied upon astrologers not only in India, but also in the continents of Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia. He has been serving the troubled and utterly frustrated people of the world over for over two decades, through his astrological and other solutions and services. Today, he has around 10,000 happy beneficiaries and loyal clients located in the above-mentioned continents. All various domains of a life are helped and enriched through his sovereign, harmless (free of side effects), and reasonably-charged astrological and other services.

During his fast-paced and very successful professional career in Vedic Astrology, astrologer Ankit Sharma has been achieving a variety of accolades, recognitions, and awards from time to time. Most recently, he won the highly prestigious award of the "Jyotish Mahasagar Award" during the '5th International Conference on Indian Vedic Culture Astrology' in New Delhi. The glamorous and glorious award ceremony was organized jointly by two highly prestigious organizations of Delhi, the Jyotish Integrated Research Institute (JIRI) and the Unchi Udaan (NGO), at Hotel Radisson Blu, Paschim Vihar, and on August 18, 2019. This 'jyotish maha sagar award 2019' honors his massive and notable contributions to the Vedic astrology and allied sciences, delivered so far by him.

Apart from Vedic Astrology, other benevolent sciences covered through his marvelous and life-changing services are palmistry, numerology, psychic reading, natural healing, etc. It may also be just mentioned that his astrology-based solutions are generated ingeniously and scrupulously based on the given birth chart by the troubled client. Solutions are suggested only after comprehensive and critical observation and analysis of all relevant astrological facts and factors found on the given birth chart. Again, the service charges taken by him are rather reasonable and cost-effective, and hence, easily affordable by the rich and poor clients. To provide additional benefits or the fastest possible efficacy of his astrological solutions, grand astrologer Ankit Sharma has also invented many miraculous and economical Yantras like the 'Sampurna Vivah Sukh Yantra' and the 'Sampurna Karyeshu Yantra', both of which have acquired worldwide admiration by now.

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