Entrepreneur Pathways Announces Ingenuity Teacher Certification

Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc. is announces its new teacher certification, Ingenuity. Ingenuity is project-based learning emphasizing 21st Century Skills.

Online PR News – 23-August-2019 – Santa Cruz – Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc. is pleased to announce its new teacher certification, Ingenuity. Ingenuity is project-based learning emphasizing 21st Century Skills: creativity, critical thinking, communication, and cooperation. Through a three-day workshop, teachers learn to teach STEM by having students work in small groups to solve engaging problems with measurable results. In the process students improve their understanding of science and engineering concepts as well as hone problem-solving skills.

"STEM is not enough," said Innovation Consultant and program author, Dr. Ed Sobey, "The world is focusing on teaching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as the pathway to economic success. Brains filled with formulas, theorems, and scientific laws don't open doors to innovation and scientific advancement. Students must know how to solve problems with the information they learn."

Ingenuity focuses on the need for students of the 21st century to know how to solve problems while working with other people of diverse backgrounds. The program focuses more on teaching students to think creatively and critically, rather than memorizing facts. Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc. and Ingenuity will prepare teachers to engage curiosity, teach critical thinking and creative problem solving, and kindle the spark of innovation in students.

In three days of intensive, hands-on training teachers learn the methods of Ingenuity. The training includes activities that stimulate young minds and help them learn STEM and critical thinking skills. Teachers will leave the training with curriculum, student guides, and an understanding of how to prepare their students for new opportunities. After the training, teachers complete an online portfolio and final exam for evaluation before becoming certified as Ingenuity Master Teacher Trainers.

Ingenuity was developed from interviews with inventors all over the world inducted into the US National Inventors Hall of Fame. The Ingenuity approach allows teachers to be trained in a short period of time, and they will be able to start using and sharing their new skills immediately. Learn more on their website: https://www.entpathways.com/.


April Stearns, Press Officer, Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc.

Dr. Timothy M. Stearns, CEO of Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc.

Dr. Ed Sobey, President of Northwest Invention Center