Hodusoft Launches Affordable Hosted PBX Software for Startups

Hodusoft makes life easy with its pay as you go monthly subscription full-featured PBX solution.

Online PR News – 22-August-2019 – texas – Hodusoft, a unit of global VoIP tech leaders Ecosmob, announced launch of affordable hosted PBX software for startups. Speaking on the launch, the company's VP said, "We know and understand the situation of startups. They need excellent communication facilities but high costs and investment in hardware are huge deterrents. Hodusoft's world class, full-featured hosted IP PBX is the perfect solution. It can be set up and become operational in minutes."

Hodusoft's IP PBX software developed for startups and small businesses incorporates WebRTC. This means users do not have to invest in dedicated IP hardware and thus save on upfront cost. They can use desktops and mobiles to make full use of the features regardless of location. WebRTC permits audio and video chats, conferences and exchange of documents during the conversation, cutting short the time it takes to discuss matters with their clients wherever in the world they are located.  As an aside, the same tool can be used for collaboration between teams. This conferencing feature is in addition to rich IP PBX features. 

The PBX Software incorporates call features such as phonebook, recording, caller ID, call forwarding, call return and find me/follow me among other features. The platform also includes a multi-level interactive voice response system. One could go on to elaborate about all the features but suffice it to say that when startups opt for our hosted IP PBX software, the impression they convey is that of a large corporate organization. 

Hodusoft can assist with putting in place suitable CRM tied to the IP PBX right from the start. The CRM helps serve those already in the database much better while capturing new leads. On being asked if startups really need IP PBX the VP clarified that it is better to have a full-fledged system in place right from the start. It conveys a professional impression. Importantly, all data right from the start, including call recordings, are stored helping users to analyze and derive intelligence. There is no reason why startups cannot go for full-fledged IP PBX since we offer it on a monthly subscription basis with as few as five users and the facility to scale up as you go along. The operational costs are far less than what startups would pay for regular PSTN lines or for mobile telephony. Our team provides complete installation and support. We even offer basic training if required, said the VP. 

Hodusoft has earned an impeccable reputation for quality of its product. Voice clarity on its IP PBX rivals that of PSTN and when it comes to audio-video chats, smart codec implementation take care of jitter-free and smooth flow of both data streams regardless of internet bandwidth. "From one perspective, Hodusoft's IP PBX is virtually free considering that it helps ramp up your business and then what you pay for subscription actually comes out of your earning."

Startups interested in adopting Hodusoft IP PBX may get in touch by phone on 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or simply chat live on http://hodusoft.com/ip-pbx-software/. 

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12785396-hodusoft-launches-affordable-hosted-pbx-software-for-startups.html